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  ISXJake Beginner

Hi all,

I'm selling 2 items

1: Auscision N463 city of Bendigo.(MK1 red/white/blue) DC ready, ran twice since I brought it off Victorian Hobby Centre, still in mint condition with box and all the factory packaging

2: Auscision N passenger car pack in MK1 red/blue/white with bottom white stripe, one end of all 3 pass cars and goods van have been fitted with longer couplers (original ones are still in box) and comes with factory box and packaging

Selling due to changing era of my set
Locomotive: $275
Carriages: $425

Cheers Jake Smile

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  VR_King Junior Train Controller

Hi all,

I have a Trainbuilder RMS West Coat Railways Dining Car for sale.
Needless to say they are very hard to come across.
Photos can be emailed or sent to phone.
I am looking at $1000, if there is no interest it will be heading for FeeBay.

thanks guys
  Shazam75 Chief Commissioner

Location: Brisbane

For Sale.

B60 in original condition with DCC Chip Hard wired ESU DCC decoder. Independent marker lights and head light function. Kadee No. 5 fitted as well.

$249 + $15 postage.

  Tuckly69 Locomotive Driver

Location: uk
For Sale.

B60 in original condition with DCC Chip Hard wired ESU DCC decoder. Independent marker lights and head light function. Kadee No. 5 fitted as well.

$249 + $15 postage.


Hi Shelton,
What make is this B Class?


[edit] ie is It Auscision, Lima, PSM, Alco .........Mod
  Dd893 Train Controller

Location: Castlemaine
For Sale.                         Back on sale.
3 Auscision GH grain wagons.
In pack VFW-80, which is unopened.
GH 349, 413 & 448.
3 roof hatches, 1 discharge chute each side.
$50 each or all 3 for $135 plus postage.
Please PM for more info.

Cheers, Russell
  Ardglen Junior Train Controller

Hi all,

I still have the following models for sale. These will be listed on Ebay shortly but I would prefer them to go to a Railpage member;

SDS models FMW (Pack A) $130
Models are mint and in original box.

Accucraft 16mm Lynton & Barnstaple wagons in SR Brown livery
4 x 4 wheel open wagons
4 x 4 wheel vans
2 x bogie open wagons
All in mint condition in original boxes - $500 the lot

Peco SM32 curved track 30" radius (enough to form a circle)
Box of flexitrack (12 pieces)
Used but in good condition (no nail holes etc.) - $250 the lot

Please PM if interested.


  VLine-N Locomotive Fireman

Location: Adelaide
Hi all,

In a spot of bother and need some fast cash to pay some bills so have reluctantly decided to sell a couple of my locos

1. Austrains X-class nbr 54 in Freight Australia livery with DCC chip (not sure of brand but may be Digitrax) $225.00
    Any body interested in above loco pls PM soon. I will need to sell this one too and will go to Ebay if not sold

2. Austrains NR54 in Pac Nat colours with stars (has Lenz DCC chip) $255.00 *** SOLD ***

Both are in excellent condition and are smooth quiet runners. Come in original box and packaging

Photos can be sent if you wish

PM if interested, hoping for a quick sale

  nuggles58 Station Master

Location: Western Australia
I have put my 1st model of a HO scale Steelbro Swinglift on eBay at:

They are on eBay to give everyone the opportunity to get the first one fairly, plus I'm not sure what the going price for HO vehicles would be as I usually do N scale only. This is the first 'test' sell and may have another 3 put aside for 'special' purchases!

Please remember all questions and feedback should be in a PM.

John Rumming
Western Australia.
  VR_King Junior Train Controller

Selling a 1960s HO marklin train collection.

6 locos made up of
2 diesels, 1 electric and 3 steamers although 1 damaged
none of them have been tested

18 passenger carriages
4 open wagons

3 transformers

About 15 points
A large amount of track

a few unopened card kits

various others switches and wire.

Urgent sale. Really unsure of value.
Can send pictures of lot

  Marbelup Station Master

Location: Perth, Western Australia
For sale: 3D-printed models (body only) of NH/NHA/ENH/ENHA/QA/HA/AHAF hopper wagons.

These narrow gauge hopper wagons have seen service in NT, SA, Tasmania and WA with various modifications over their 30+ year life.

To cater for modellers of the various narrow gauge systems, the models can be 3D printed in TT3n3.5, HOn3, HOn3.5, OO, and Sn3.5 scale. HO standard gauge operation is also potentially feasible.

See Marbelup Models Blog for further details on the models.

See for prototype info.
  andyfmx Locomotive Fireman

4 Pack of Auscision RCSF Coil steel wagons with 5 steel coils included. Coils have been fixed into place with a small drop of glue but could be removed. In as new condition with original box. $239.95 + postage or could meet in Melbourne for pickup.
Please PM
  996 Station Master

FOR SALE. Austrains VR PL cars, set 002. $365, including insured post within Victoria. Pickup may be able to be arranged in Melbourne, Pickup price $345. PM or phone Glenn, 0437 724 550.
  PICHhobbies Locomotive Fireman

For sale-
VR X46, brush weathered- $200
Hornby Select DCC controller-$99. SOLD
Hornby GWR Castle class DCC fitted-$175. SOLD
2x Hornby Pullman coaches-$50 each. SOLD
1x Hornby Pullman brake third-$50. SOLD
3x Austrains ELX, 1 brush weathered-$80 for the lot. SOLD
1x Powerline VLEY, brush weathered- $40  SOLD
4x Hornby R603- $20. SOLD
10x Lima curves N3030- $2 each or $15 for the lot. SOLD
The Hornby items are parts of The Cornishman, so if sold together will come in box but without track and buffers, otherwise each item will be packaged in new packaging. The X is an Austrains model, and is weathered, hardly used, and still in original box. The ELX's are still in original box. The track is unpackaged and so is the VLEY. PM or phone Peter 0428738180. I can not take calls between 8:30 and 3:30 due to school. I am open to negotiations. I need to sell these soon.

  fred59 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Boonah
Hi guys this is all I have left of my g scale collection so make me an offer


Aristocraft pacific with lights, sound and working smoking unit these locos retailed at $1500.00 here in Australia from hobby co in Sydney. Aristocraft no longer makes this model with the sound in the tender. The are some new parts that come with this loco and were obtained from aristocraft $400.00 neg

Aristocraft mikado with working smoke unit and lights. New never been run $600.09neg


Bachman big haulers freight car 98101 brand new $50.00

One aristocraft art-40111 new tank car. Brand new $50.00

Micro engineering track 1 box of 3ft lengths 20-003 used $100.00

Plus not show a shown, 1 box of about wooden sleepers, maybe 1000 in the box $150.00

If anybody is interested or has any questions please pm

This is all I have left of my g scale stuff

  Shazam75 Chief Commissioner

Location: Brisbane
For Sale:

Steam Era Models QR Wagon.

$40 + $12 postage.

  996 Station Master

FOR SALE. 3 hand made turnouts. Peco code 75 rail soldered to pc board. Same radius as Peco medium point.
2 RH, 1 LH. For pics please PM your email and i will send. $26, inc standard mail.
  Dazz Deputy Commissioner


* Austrains - 3616 "Giesel Ejector" version, factory DCC fitted, test run only, in original box. $400 SOLD

* Austrains 3649, Weathered with real coal in tender, factory DCC fitted, test run only, in original box. $375 SOLD

* Trainorama 4201 in 1960's Tuscan/Indian Red, brand new, only been out of box for pics, never run, in original box. SOLD

* Trainorama 3229, Black, brand new never run, been in sealed display cabinet, in original box. SOLD

* Trainorama 3240, Green, brand new never run, been in sealed display cabinet, in original box. SOLD

Can supply pics if necessary, but all are new/test run only, so look, as new! All will come in original box with whatever paperwork, spares, extras they came with.

Open to reasonable offers.

PM me if interested.

Can supply pics if necessary, but all are new so look, as new, all come in original box with whatever paperwork, spares, extras they came with.
  TheBlacksmith Chief Commissioner

Location: Ankh Morpork
If anyone is interested, I am selling left-over stock of small pine boxes that were used to package my VR T Class when it was in production. They have a foam lined interior and are the ideal size for housing small diesel locomotives such as the VR T class, NSW 48 Class, 830 Class etc. See them on eBay:
  Clyde_AT26HC-2M Chief Train Controller

Pacific National Steel wagon that has Auscision Model bogies, Kadee couplers, brass air hoses and brass etch shunter steps - $40.00

CFCLA container wagon with a 40ft container included. Wagon has Auscision Model bogies, Kadee couplers, brass air hoses and brass etch shunter steps - $40.00
  Dazz Deputy Commissioner


Brand new, never removed from box, just opened for pics, Austrains 8178 in Pacific National colours.

I ordered an 81 in the 'original' Tuscan colours, it appears they aren't doing them and I got sent this, it looks lovely but I really have no use for it as it's totally not my era.

$250 including postage within Australia.

PM me if interested.

  Albert Chief Commissioner

Eureka 5 car HUB Set, light tuscan, double lined. Brand new in the box, never been exposed to Aussie air. Bought at the Liverpool show just days ago. Was an impulse buy on the day.
$630 inc signed for post
Will not break up set and first with the cash wins.
  HMC1989 Chief Commissioner

Location: Behind a desk.
Freebie! Athern boxes to give away. Maybe good for someone, if not, in the recycle bin they go. Pick-up only Lake Macquarie NSW.
  andrewstrains Assistant Commissioner

Location: Townsville, Where else but QLD
I want to sell the following;

T383 in Cootes
T364 V/line
X37 VR

N470 V/Line
T320 VR

Asking $300ea ono plus post

All are fitted with DCC

  Tom66 Assistant Commissioner

Im selling teo PSM brass loco's, both in V/LINE colours.
S311 - asking $1100
T373 - asking $800
Im happy to negotiate on price or come down of someone wanted to buy both.
Please PM if interested me with an email address for photo's.


  andyfmx Locomotive Fireman

For Sale:

Auscision Bicentennial A66.

Used but otherwise mint condition, runs beautifully and comes in original box.
$450 + post or can pick up in Melbourne.
Photos available on request. Here is a short video

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