Access to Yorkeys Crossing and Trainspotters Bluff -more precise details,please

  torana Station Master

Location: Menangle.N.S.W.
For a long period of time, i have looked at, and admired the good Photos taken of Locomotives & their Loads, Working their way out of Spencers Gulf and around towards Yorkeys Crossing.
And although i have been along the gravel road and the level crossing at Yorkeys Crossing,i have not been able to find myself driving through the paddock that leads me to the Great Vantage Point-known to many as Yorkeys Crossing. And for me to get some great photos of trains leaving and snaking it self around to Trainspotters Bluff.

This is where i need your help. How good is the roadway into the Viewing Spot? Would a Family Sedan Holden Commodore.S.V.6. be able to do it without any damage,or geting stuck in any ruts.?
What is the distance to the viewing area?

Would someone who goes there often, a local, or someone who could pass on some information -for me to seriously consider making the trip into -this very well known train spotters vantage point.Please reply to me with some helpful advice.??

I live in N.S.W. and like many of your guys.Its a Photographers dream to get Photos from some of your vantage places in South Austraila.

Your replies would be much appreciated.

Torana. N.S.W.

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  bingley hall Minister for Railways

Location: Last train to Skaville
Sent you a PM.
  M636C Minister for Railways

There are two possible roads to the location, a railway access road to the West of the line and the track through the paddock East of the line.

I have taken my Mitsubishi 380 down both tracks in the past.

I'm not sure I'd recommend doing that.

The 380 at least has front wheel drive with the weight of the engine over the driven wheels.

If your Commodore has the optional Limited Slip Differential there may be no problem.

In dry weather it should be no trouble (most of the time at Port Augusta, in my experience).

There was a section of the East track that looked like it could trap an army tank with scarily deep holes (not just ruts) which I carefully drove over in the 380. In future I think I would stop short of that section and walk the rest of the way. It is easy enough to walk all the way from the crossing, but a friend who did that had his car, parked clear of the road at the crossing, reported to Police as abandoned by a passing motorist...

The classic shot is an afternoon view from the bluff or nearby. However a shot from the eastern side in the morning with the locomotives on the second curve of the "S" is worth the visit.

In particular with the G&W ore trains, it is worth shooting one of those from whichever side the light is on at the time, although in the morning you won't get the trailing locomotive in view.

  witsend Chief Commissioner

Location: Front RH Seat of a School Bus
Personally, given that the SV6's is factory lowered, I wouldn't be inclined to take it down the access paths. Frankly, now I'd be inclined to walk, as the access paths are not maintained, and my car is probably to low to clear (I own a VZ SV6 Sedan). Just be sunsmart and watch out for snakes.

My old VS was fine along the eastern & western access, back in the day and my old apollo went down the western road fine.

I will also point at that the access tracks are private roads, and towing out is very much at your expense, and I'd suggest that trespassing may also be a legal issue too.

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