Alstom Comeng with modified seating layout

  mrmoopt Chief Commissioner

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Unsure if this has been reported before...


Pic at: Unsure if this has been reported before...

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  ARodH Chief Train Controller

Location: East Oakleigh, Vic
I was going to say that it looks no different from the last time I've been in one, until I noticed the missing seat/row and additional hand rail either side of the door. Yay, more people standing by the doors!
  mrmoopt Chief Commissioner

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Unfortunately people like to stand near doors

So more space around doors is one way to get people on and off quicker
  Heihachi_73 Chief Commissioner

Location: Terminating at Ringwood
If this is the new layout, how long before the glass dividers from the EDI Comengs disappear? I'm more surprised to still see 2+3 seating, considering every first-gen X'Trap had it removed.

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