Historical photos of level crossings (before they were grade seperated)

  ChoooChoo Chief Train Controller

I was trying to find photos of the original level crossings before they were grade seperated.

Of particular interest is:

-Huntingdale Road, Huntingdale before the bridge was built. It would be interesting to see how it looked before/after.

I checked the state library website and didn't have much luck.

Other level crossings would also be good. I have seen the one for Warrigal Rd when it had a white wooden gate.

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  railblogger Chief Commissioner

Location: At the back of the train, quitely doing exactly what you'd expect.
Have a look here.
  ARodH Chief Train Controller

Location: East Oakleigh, Vic
I've looked there a few times and have found nothing related to Huntingdale station.
I don't even think my family took any photo's of the crossing. Yes, they were around back then and have tales of the manned crossing and the jokes the station staff use to pull on some regular passengers (eg on an up service, close the crossing and station gates, then lock the platform side carriage doors leaving the guard's unlocked - forcing a ride with the guard for a bit).
Then again as I've not gone though any of the family photo's or slides, I've no clue what could be on them I could probably find some pics of the Grollo's 1960-70's Surfers Paradise holiday home, heh family tales.

I'd try http://www.oakleighhistorical.org.au/ I'd be surprised if they wouldn't have or know where to find them.
  retromelb Chief Commissioner

Try searching for "East Oakleigh".  That's what it was known as before 1955.
  TedHanson Junior Train Controller

I can't recall seeing a photo of the level crossing at Huntingdale (renamed from East Oakleigh in 1954). I can recall its reconstruction. Oakleigh was done first, with major construction beginning in 1966 (properties had been acquired and demolished in the three years prior to this) and the overpass being completed in 1967. The team then moved onto Huntingdale. First, the level crossing was moved towards Clayton to enable the overpass to go over the old crossing. Part of this deviation still exists as the turn off to Huntingdale Rd travelling west, and as the turn off to Huntingdale Station on the western side of the overpass ( Clarendon Avenue). Work began in late 1967 or early 1968 and was completed in 1970.

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