Brisbane EMU/SMU

  MrPineapple Locomotive Driver

Hey everybody,
I was wondering if anybody has created or has downloaded the CityTrain EMU/SMUs for TRS2006/2009? I don't want to download from Auran's website, so if you have a direct link to the download, that would be awesome. Cheers.

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  V544 Chief Train Controller

Location: Melbourne
I've downloaded the CityTrain EMU's (2006 I think), but they were from the DLS. And I don't think they've been made available anywhere else.

Just out of curiosity, why don't you want to download from the Auran Download Station?
  scubs Chief Commissioner

Location: Geebung, Brisbane
I have downloaded the EMU, SMU and IMU from DLS for my newly purchased copy of TS2009 WBE from DLS. As V544 has said, what's the issue with DLS?

Here they are on DLS
EMU Pack:

IMU Pack:

SMU Pack (No seating):

SMU (with seating)(others available search "QR SMU"):
  LachlansTRAINS Beginner

hey, this thread is a bit old but anyway i just downloaded QR_EMU on trainz luvr by williamg but it has some missing dependencies but i dont have a trainz serial(borrowed game by mate wont let me on his trainz planet account) and i cant access the dls or dlh. would anyone kindly be able to email,send or download links to them i would be very grateful if anyone would.

Here are list of missing dependencies:

kuid:62909:1011 (enginespec)
kuid:329364:1100 (cabview)
and kuid:62909:1010 (enginesound)

and once again i would be very thankful if anyone could.

search on FB

youtube channel coming soon

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