Update on your Rollingstock 2

  LochRannoch Junior Train Controller


Thanks for the info.

Quick shot of X54 on my first Templot template!!

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  andyfmx Locomotive Fireman

Dunno if i can call this an update, more of an introduction. After being out of the hobby for 13 years i have restarted my collection.

Here is what i have so far.

Powerline T375 and Auscision J Hoppers.

Auscision N457 and N Set.

BRM T322 (Picked up today at Caulfield Smile and Powerling grain hoppers
  andyfmx Locomotive Fireman

And 3 On Track Models 56' Louvre Vans also picked up at Caulfield today.
  lkernan Chief Commissioner

Location: Melbourne
Not really rollingstock, but i've been installing the purchases i made at Caulfield exhibition from Southern Rail.
Putting up the poles is strangely addictive, still to add the wires though.

Funniest part is i still don't have any electric locomotives. Doesn't hurt to be prepared though!

  5711 Assistant Commissioner

Love those stanchions for the overhead wires....looks very local!!!!!!!
  andyfmx Locomotive Fireman

Picked up these two on the weekend, Auscision A78 in the Vline Freight livery which i've been really keen on for quite some time.

Also picked up one more Powerline VHGY hopper to add with my others Smile

  meh Chief Commissioner

Location: Sydney
Hi all,

Just updated the blog (it's been a while) with my more recent purchases.


  beyer_6029 Locomotive Driver

Location: ACT
The mighty 521 lives.
seen here at the Kaleen Model Railway Expo held on the weekend here in Canberra.
The layout is from my club (ACTMRS) is called Yendys and is based loosely on outer Sydney suburban.
The loco is a Model Design Studio (rock river casting) resin body kit with a very heavily modified and partially scratch built mech.
The tender is scratch built from styrene (the second one I have made) and the loco is fitted with a TCS WOW sound decoder along with a high bass speaker in the tender and a small PMD speaker in the loco body just behind the funnel. It also has working headlight front and rear, marker lights front and rear and a cab light along with a chuff sync cam for spot on chuff sounds.


Here are 2 more clips of the NSWGR C32 class kit I built for the club. This loco is also running a TCS WOW Decoder again being fitted with headlight, marker lights front and rear and a cab light, chuff sync cam and also a firebox flicker light.


  Streamliner Junior Train Controller

Location: NSW South Coast
Got a tax return present in the mail, and I'm most impressed. Compared them with the OER M vans and noticed they were a darker shade of grey, which I think actually looks more realistic, but the bogies aren't as good as the OER offerings. Than I came to realise, this is how NSW and Vic modelers must feel- to be able to nitpick and comare RTR models- It's finally happened to us SAR enthusiasts! Before we know it we'll be criticising 600B steamers in RTR.....

  PICHhobbies Locomotive Fireman

New on my private- NOT PICH HOBBIES - rolling stock register-
ZF Brake van in VR Wagon red, un-decalled/detailed, converted from Lima 8300
Under construction-
VR V56 in VR Blue and Gold as run in 1960
Existing stock-
VLEX???- Powerline
ELX171, ELX237- Austrains, third one lost
VR 3rd series X class X46 in VR blue and gold
Austrains BASIX Oil Tankers- Purr-Pull, Total, and Diesel Fuel (Diesel fuel missing chassis)

Location: Ballarat
After a few years out of the hobby, I've decided to return! So i purchased the BLF Louvered Vans by Auscission!

  Fairlight Station Master
  Fairlight Station Master

Location: Always watching....
Also something else thats not often seen is the much elusive 85 class electric.
This model is an IDR release and is a one piece body with Austrains bogies and mech. Instructions are on dvd and are probably some of the best instructions I've come across.

Awesome locomotive.....


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