Minature Wonderland in Hamburg

  alantrains Train Controller

Location: Brisbane Qld
Hi all,
I am going to Hamburg Germany in May and was wondering if anyone has visited Miniatur Wunderland. I will only be there for a few hours when our cruise ship docks. It looks like Miniatur Wunderland is near the docks so I was hoping to squeeze in a visit. We are there on Tuesday the 5th of May. The excursions that the ship is offering go for 3.5 hours and as I don't yet know exactly when we arrive and depart, I'm not sure if I should book tickets or not.
thanks for any help

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  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
If there is nothiogn else you want to see in hamburg, the model railroader in me screams, yes go and see it ! I did in 2012, flew in for the day from Gatwick.


Make sure you check where it is in relation to your ship(googlemaps is good for that). I got a estimated 28 euro airport to the site by taxi. I made the mistake  talking to the cabbie to come and get me at a time and he didn't turn up. the nice people at the model trains did order a taxi for me, in other words make sure you CAN get back to the ship, as I spent hours and hours there...... and loved it.

The airport is a feature, as is the town with all the cars running around. don't forget one ends has real model ships in a huge water tank....  

David Head
  73LJWhiteSL Deputy Commissioner

Location: South East Melbourne Surburbs
I will be in Europe in September and have twisted the other halfs arm to ensure we will make it there.

I have not looked at it yet but we were going to go with the Public Transport route.

Having a taxi pre-booked for your return trip to the ship would be a must if you are on a tight timeframe (it may cost more but less than if you miss getting back to the ship!)

  alantrains Train Controller

Location: Brisbane Qld
Thanks Steve and David,
I have downloaded the map of the exhibit and the google map of the port. I'm not sure exactly where we berth, the cruise line doesn't know yet. Your suggestion to book a cab back to the ship is a good one Steve. Getting back to the ship at all late has dire consequences!
Will definately see the airport at Wonderland and the Switzerland exhibit too. Will have to plan my day and keep a close eye on the time.
Should have a new camera with spare battery and mem card ready to go by then.
Hopefully wil have something to share when I get back.
Alan J
  Marbelup Station Master

Location: Perth, Western Australia
If you contact them a few days ahead of your visit, you can book a place on a "Behind the Scenes Tour" which is very interesting.  They don't do these tours in English every day, but worth a try.

We visited in June 2012 just after the airport section opened.  My wife wanted to visit northern Germany and adjacent areas of Poland for family history research and Emirates fly out of Hamburg, so it seemed an ideal opportunity to fit in a visit to Minatur Wunderland.

We spent about 4 hours there including about 1 hour on the tour, and we got see most things, so you should be able to fit in a worthwhile visit.

It is fairly close to a suburban train station.  We caught a taxi from a CBD hotel near the main train station, as it was raining, which was not expensive.  

They did a good promotion when the airport display opened by having a free night for taxi drivers and their families to visit.  Our taxi driver knew exactly where it was.
  petermarsden Beginner

Location: London, United Kingdom
amazing, been twice (live in London), first time on Christmas Day 2013.  I thought I might be there for 2 hours, was more like 6.  Behind the scenes tours around 1pm in English
  AdelaideHills Station Staff

Location: Southwestern Germany
Hi Alan,
from time to time I'm in contact with staff of MiWuLa and I'll try to find some information for you. May 5th is a weekday with no school holidays in Germany at that time so the queue should not be a hugh problem in case that you do not want to pre-order tickets. Booking a taxi is not a bad idea though - for the way back at least!
In case that you'll need more details please let me know. Try my best to help you ...

  wally-wowser1 Train Controller

Location: overlooking the Mt vic washaway on Soldiers Pinch
I would make a booking now for a behind the scenes tour with a English speaking guide , you may be the only person on that tour  like I was a few years ago . I have been 4 times  & one of those was for 2 full days  . Cruise ships do not usually know where they will dock until even up till the day  before arrival , It all depends on the harbor master where you will go . The Swiss section is opposite the air port section on the layout as both are the newest attraction . Normal admission  by walk in visitors is done by a time allocation after buying a ticket & could be a wait of  2 or more hours depending on time of day etc  . There is  food facilities , Lockers & a  shop which sells  anything from the usual  tourist junk right thru to  high end hobby requirements .

Something else to see if you have time  is the ruins of the Nazi Submarine pens which are situated over on the other side of the river from MiWuLa in the cargo / container unloading section of Hamburg Harbor . also on that  side is the construction facility  for the Airbus near the tent structure  for the Lion King show .Other things that could be of interest is the Reeperbahn which is mainly night life amusements but normally 24/7  for shopping.  MiWuLa is  Hamburgs biggest tourist attraction so everyone will know where it is & how to get there . Nearest rail station is at Bumwall on the  river near the fish market .

Have  fun  ,   Wally .

PS   I just looked at  Google earth & there seems to be only 1 dock  for Tourist Vessels . It is situated  on Van Der Smissen strass , probably about a 3 km walk from MiWuLa which is further upstream . Taxi or bus would be the easiest method  of transport.

 The submarine pens will be right opposite the cruise liner terminal when you  dock .
  alantrains Train Controller

Location: Brisbane Qld
Thanks everyone.
I still don't know exactly when we arrive and depart, so I'll just wait and see. Good to know how close we'll be and that is should be fairly quick entry.
Thanks for your help.

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