Metro: IEV 102

  inter Train Controller

Location: Shrinking wheels
Is this the most overpowered train in Victoria, 2000ish hp for one car!!!!!!
I wonder how big the commitee was who decided on this.
 A properly fitted out Hi Rail would of been capable of the same task.

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  heisdeadjim Chief Commissioner

Apparently, all IEV102 overhead inspections runs are now cancelled until further notice due to "technical issues" with the machine.

Which means what? I dunno.

Also, I can answer my own question about the dual pantos. You'll notice both open with the bend in the arm pointing away from the observation cupola. They use the one pointing in the direction they're going.
  Edith Chief Commissioner

Location: Line 1 from Porte de Vincennes bound for Bastille station
I saw IEV102 out and about today.  It was top and tailed with T373 and T377 and was traveling on the down through Jewell at 08:34 and then returning through Southern Cross bound for Flinders Street at 09:42.

[edited with helpful advice from spg72]
  G Train Locomotive Driver

I too saw it just north of Moreland Station on the Up. It had T373 on the Up end. A grab shot on the phone follows.

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