Mechanism recommendations please

  Gremlin Assistant Commissioner

I have a Lloyds 620/720 with a K&M mechanism.  It is very noisy so I am looking to replace it with something else that I can use on DCC.

Would appreciate some suggestions...

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  linton78 Train Controller

Location: South Coast NSW
Hi Gremlin,

AR Kits is now distributing North Yard mechanisms-

Al is listing the 620-720 replacement mech, see end of list.

I really like North Yard mechs, they are one of the best around, that's my opinion. I will be using a couple in my 900 class DEB set.

Hope that helps,

  Lambing Flat Chief Train Controller

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Hollywood has just the thing for you.
  railmod Chief Train Controller

I bought a Bowser set of bogies for my 620/720 from lloyds (I think they used them in their DEB set & offered them as replacements for the 620/720s), seem to work well.

Cheers Alex.
  Gremlin Assistant Commissioner

railmod, from where did you buy them?
  railmod Chief Train Controller

railmod, from where did you buy them?
From Lloyds in the ACT, not sure where you could get them from now. I think he's retired from the hobby scene but maybe he is still contactable?  OR try Al Cutmore from AR Kits as I think he's taken over that range of kits.

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