Parrahub 2016

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  eddyb Chief Train Controller

The 2016 version of Parrahub that is now 90 floors and connected to the north and south HSR plus the CBD

Parrahub, an extra option in the public transport menu

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  eddyb Chief Train Controller

Parramatta is in need of free car parking, accommodation and connectivity with the rest of greater Sydney and I believe Parrahub with 15,000 free parking spaces, 2,000 units and future subways connecting greater Sydney these needs would be satisfied.

To raise the $2b to build it I suggest a $1 lottery with two units won daily so all the units have been won by the time they are finished.

Perhaps this could be done by people sending an SMS with the winners being the closest two numbers to a computer generated number.

The state government would have to be committed to continuing work even if the daily $2m was not achieved but on the other hand if it raised more than could be spent at that time on the development it would have the use of that money until needed.

Now I know this would put the state government at risk of not getting the $2b needed but there is risk in any rail or road project and now there is a lot of pressure for governments to take part of that risk to get anyone to submit a tender.

Perhaps they would even get more than the required amount over the 1,000 days and would be ahead also it would reduce the demand for public housing as it is mainly the poorer people who buy lottery tickets.
  eddyb Chief Train Controller

In my latest attempt to fund Parrahub I sent the following letter to Coles and Woolworths


I have the following proposal for Coles and Woolworths to build Parrahub.

Every day a customer from Coles would win a Parrahub unit and every day a customer from Woolworths would win a Parrahub unit.

The winners would be decided by a computer generated number that matched that on a receipt of over a certain value for each store.

To prevent people making multiple purchases a number could be given for every $50 spent e.g. $150 =3 numbers and these amounts could be determined independently by each company.

I imagine the land in auto alley would be worth about $500m and it may be best to buy that first as that area has just been changed to mixed use.

It would only require a very small increase in prices plus no need for any future advertising expenditure to be an economical proposition in Sydney.

When it was completed in 1,000 days Coles and Woolworths could have a floor each in the centre of the building and it would be good for public relations providing 15,000 free parking spaces, 2,000 unit winners and a subway station that would eventually connect all of greater Sydney.

Eddy Barnett
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Location: Western Sydney, AU

Coles and Woolworths could have a floor each

There goes your business credibility.
  eddyb Chief Train Controller

I know the centre section of the building will only be 120m diameter but I was thinking of just smaller Coles and Woolworths mainly to service the Parrahub building but perhaps you are right.

A Chinese builder said he only does big buildings so I have increased the 2016 Parrahub to 90 floors which can be viewed by clicking on the bottom link in the Future Sydney transport chaos thread.
  eddyb Chief Train Controller

Parrahub 2016 is now 90 floors rather than the 40 floors in 2015.

This is the email I sent to Mike Baird last week.

A Parrahub raffle where over six years all the units were won would not only win votes by transferring some of the $73b poker machine money to jobs and housing but could provide the NSW government with a huge amount of revenue.

Many people would buy tickets as each unit could rent a couple of the large ensuit bedrooms for $100 per week each if they did not want to use it all.

Perhaps if a survey indicated people would easily cover the cost of the building then any excess could be used for any purpose like schools, hospitals or roads.

All it would need is for NSW to guarantee the building would be finished in six years and it would also get a free subway station for the HSR and other lines that will eventually connect the area within Wollongong, Lithgow and Gosford.


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