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17 of these pneumatic discharge wagons were constructed between 1966 and 1971, they were numbered FX1 to 17. The first series FX 1 to 6 were built at Newport Workshops, the second series FX 7 to 17 were built at Ballarat North Workshops.

The original series of wagons were designed so that two of the four hoppers were unloaded from each end.

The second series differed from the first series by means of a single discharge point, via additional piping and manifold, at each end of the wagon. When the wagons were first delivered they were finished in silver with a small VR logo, later many of the series received flour company branding and some were also repainted white.

Later their use was expanded to cover burnt lime (VPLX) and dried locomotive sand (VZGX).

Whilst coded FX denoting suitability for bogie exchange they were predominantly used on the broad gauge between Albury NSW and Williamstown Pier and Westall, in the mid-80s some ran on standard gauge to Enfield and Canberra.

Can anyone provide details of what customers received goods using these wagons and where were they loaded please?

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Hmmm. Sorry i dont know how to post links to websites, but here goes

SDS and Southern Rail Models have made these hoppers on HO scale. Their websites should have prototype photos of where the wagons were. Kimtpons are 1 mob that comes to mind. I think either Kensington or Tottenham but could be wrong.?

Also, pjv101.net would be an excellent search using the wagon code, and there should be reference to where the photo was taken etc.
Victorian railways.net could also be usefull.

Hope this assists you?

  Z VAN Junior Train Controller

The below copy and paste  is from the AMRM magazine review of the Southern Rail FX Flour wagons.

The places added to your list would be Swan Hill and Bridgewater.

"The exact period when a particular wagon was painted with a Flour Millers logo on the side is difficult to determine.

Known companies to have their logo painted on the wagon sides were Howard Jackett’s, Bunge, Water Wheel Flour and Kimptons/ Oso Lite. FX 1 in 1967 displayed Howard Jackett’s signage and the last photograph is of a FX with Kimptons Flour signage was in 1979, a twelve year period.

The wagons therefore were loaded in Swan Hill, Albury and Bridgewater discharging in Melbourne at Footscray, Westall and Williamstown Pier area."

Locating wagon details and usage seems to be very difficult as most sightings record the Locomotives and how many wagons in the consist.

Regards, Z Van.
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Location: gallifrey
Hi Z Van and thanks for your response.

Footscray, Westall
Z Van

Do you have further details for the unloading at the above locations?

What flour mills are still available on the network for loading?

Can Allied Mills do load out?
  Z VAN Junior Train Controller

Afraid not X31.
I only saw the wagons at Williamstown around 1979.
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You sure the wagons were not built at Bendigo North Workshops ?
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I have no recollection (for what it's worth) of ever seeing these wagons at Kimptons at Kensington.
  Z VAN Junior Train Controller

You sure the wagons were not built at Bendigo North Workshops ?
I believe no FX Flour Wagons were Built at Bendigo North Workshops.

VR Outline drawing F1 shows FX 1-6 were built at Newport Workshops.
VR Outline drawing F4 shows FX 7-17 were built at Ballarat North Workshops.
Equally on P.J.Vincents site under wagon history no FX wagons were built at Bendigo.
Z Van.

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