Vale Frank Kelly,

  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Ian M on Facebook posted this today:

Sad news to relate. Prolific modeller Frank Kelly has passed away this morning. I met Frank a number of times and always found him to be friendly and approachable. His engineering skills were second to none. RIP

3 other people have posted the sad news as well in other groups.

David Head

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  SA_trains Deputy Commissioner

Location: ACT
Yes very sad news. Frank was a brilliant modeler and an entertaining presenter at the Modeling the Railways of South Australia convention.

RIP Frank.
  Z VAN Junior Train Controller

I have never met Frank but I have admired photographs of his models on various web sites and magazines.
He would be the best modeller of his generation and it will be awhile before anyone comes close to his skills.
He has set the bench mark in quality, accuracy and diversity with the scope of his models.
If I could model to the level of 10% of his I would be happy.
Yes rest in peace Frank and thank you for showing us how to model.
  comtrain Chief Commissioner

Location: Near Albury Wodonga
We were indeed lucky to have Frank with us for so many years. Thank you Frank for being one with us all this long time. Respect gained for respect given. Your legacy is all the club members friends and good folk that you taught skills to, and these will be used for the next several generations to continue your legacy now and into the future.
Thank you Frank, it was great knowing you, and the model I have that you built will always be cherished.
Rod Young
  M636C Minister for Railways

I believe Frank Kelly was responsible for the reprints of the VR diagram books, particularly the complete 1904 book.

I have all three volumes (and a complete photocopy of a real 1910 book, which is useful since it preceded the classification changes).

That re-publication alone made a lot of information available to modellers in general.

  robertc Chief Train Controller

I never met him ,but always admired his work. Another Australian modelling pioneer departs.
Commiserations to all who knew him.

Bob Comerford
  Andrew Collier Beginner

The passing of Frank Kelly is a great loss to Australia's railway modeling community.

A once in a generation rolling stock craftsman and artisan, Frank's prolific work was so far beyond 99% of modelling that words can't hope to describe it.


Andrew C

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