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  BH160159 Chief Train Controller

Location: Shepparton
FOR SALE 1--- 5 inch Blowfly Loco with WITH a Ride on passenger/tender car Three year boiler certificate In very good condition New cast Iron Piston Rings, Piston&Con rod bushes replaced, Axle and Hand pump , Steam raising blower, shovel, flexable tender/loco hoses Just had Boiler Ticket done on 14/8/2011. 3 years on ticket Check out the photo's
Price is $8250.00 ONO Located near Shepparton Vic Edit added more info and pictures Sorry about the quality of the photo's Loco looks better than in the photos too Looks like we will be taking it up to Wagga Wagga in November so if anybody is intrested they can see it operating there

This Loco is still for sale

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  hiddeous Junior Train Controller

Location: Brisneyland
Hi All

I've got a set of Hobby Mechanics castings and frames for a 5 inch gauge PB15 available for sale (including drawings for both a walscherts and stephenson valve gear version).

I'm looking for $1500 pick up only, but if someone is travelling for them, can make some arrangement to makes things a bit easier.

  Bulbous Deputy Commissioner

Hi all,

I have a full set of drawings for the Southern Pacific GS-4 Daylight steam locomotive from Roger Goldmann in the US for sale. All drawings are in very good condition, with only one drawing being torn (all there, just needs to be taped back together. Most drawings are to 1 1/2 inch scale, with some to 3/4 inch scale, and some to 3 inch and 6 inch scale (mainly the paint details like the Daylight script).

I paid $420 for the set about two years ago, with the plans to start working on one in 1 1/2 inch scale ( I have done the 3D modelling of the Boxpok drivers so far), but have decided to follow WAGR prototypes instead for 7 1/4 inch gauge (roughly 2 1/16 inch scale). I am slowy working on getting plans for the M/MS/MSA class garratts through the railway society, so will hopefully start work on one of them for the future.

I am chasing $300 (ono) for the set, plus postage - it will fit in a resonable sized postage tube for the travels. The full list of drawings included are as shown at the following link - Live Steam Drawings - Roger Goldmann - look and the Southern Pacific section, then the set includes the GS-4 set, the tender drawings and the 6-wheel buckeye trucks drawing set.

Either PM me here, or give me a call on 0422 477 561 to discuss.


  TomBTR Chief Train Controller

Location: near Sydney
Hi all,

I have had a couple of enquiries for our aluminium profile rails recently (August 2014), so I now have current prices for anyone else interested.

The rails are one inch high, about 12mm wide at the head and come in 6m lengths. All pieces have two holes in each end for fishplates.  More info here:

The price of a 6m length is $70, pick up near Sydney. The price of 65 lengths (about 250kg) delivered Melbourne is $2,918, less for delivery or pickup near Sydney.

The “tonnage” rate for aluminium extrusion applies from about 250Kg, which by coincidence gets about as many metres as a ton of the 25mm x 12mm steel bar which it is intended to replace.


PS: We are getting nearer to needing another production run so some savings are possible. We recently sold a set of ten lengths at $50 each, so for the time being (August 2015) that will be the price for anyone else buying ten lengths (60 metres) or more. Pickup by arrangement near Sydney.

  TomBTR Chief Train Controller

Location: near Sydney
Hi everyone,

Just edited the post above to add a new price point for 10 off.

  TomBTR Chief Train Controller

Location: near Sydney
We expect to be ordering another batch of rail some time in the first half of next year. If anyone needs some and is willing to wait a month or two then it should be cheaper if we can combine and extend our production run.

It might also be possible to make some changes, for example to US style, that is 10 foot lengths and no holes drilled, which should be cheaper and easier to handle, but lots of holes to drill or punch.

The rail cross-section is similar to that now being advertised in the US as 141# rail. It is scaled from 70Kg/m rail, including a slightly curved head.

In theory the price should be comparable with the US price but without the added cost of international freight.
  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
For sale by a guy at Sandown, who is helping run the train rides.  He has two 7 1/4 inch bogies for sale, $500 for both, as is where is.

No brakes.  As seen in this quick photo taken  11/3/2016 at the venue.

PM me and I'll arrange to put you in touch, or see me at the VMR stand at Sandown.

I have no financial arrangement/commision for this, just helping out !

David Head

  Bulbous Deputy Commissioner

I have one pair of 1.6 inch scale Tom Bee Bettendorf freight bogies for sale (unfinished castings), still in their shipping boxes from the US. They have been maturing on my shed shelf for around five years now, so they should be ripe for machining and assembly! They cost me $450 (including $250 shipping via USPS) back then, but I will move them on for $300 as is. I am in Perth, but can deliver to either Castledare or NDMES if someone purchases them locally.

Bogies are the 50 tonne Bettendorf style, with cast iron side frames and wheels, and steel axle material. The bearings and springs are all there, just as they came right from the US. Feel free to call or text with an offer if you want to check them out, or follow the link to see the current versions:

Bettendorf Bogies

Phone is 0428 688 381, or PM me here.



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  TomBTR Chief Train Controller

Location: near Sydney
The auction finishes in a few hours. At about $13k + Gray's fees + transport. Someone is about to get the bargain of a lifetime. Pity I'm not a 12" gauge person.
  Clarke Hudswell Junior Train Controller

I am a bit late. I missed this, and there are no details on the Gray's website now. Can anyone advise details of what was up for auction? Thanks.
  KRviator Moderator

Location: Up the front
I am a bit late. I missed this, and there are no details on the Gray's website now. Can anyone advise details of what was up for auction? Thanks.
Clarke Hudswell
  • Indian Pacific Loco and Rolling Stock
  • Builder: Norm Mitchell
  • Year: 1989
  • Engine: 1:25 Scale Indian Pacific Replica Powered by Perkins S2 4 Cyl Diesel
  • Gauge: 12”
  • Track: Approx 300 Metres of Assorted 49 LB Line (High 70mm x Foot 70mm x Crown 30mm) including 1 x Points
  • Rolling Stock: 5 x 10 Seater Bogie Carriages with Canopy
  • Lifting Equipment: Custom Lifting Frames/Spreader Bars to Suit

I can't find what it ended up selling for though. Anyone help with that?

Photos available in a PDF file, click HERE. Being 12" gauge you'd only be able to run it in a very few select locations unless you built your own track.

Dunno why I can't code the URL anymore. Here's the address for the photos:

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