Idiots force five more Adelaide train pedestrian crossings to be closed

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  bevans Site Admin

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How do you make a pedestrian crossing safe?  

On Victoria you can still push the gate open (the gate used to allow people on the side of the tracks to exit the area) and move through and across the tracks.

People will start jumping fences.

Idiots force five more Adelaide train pedestrian crossings to be closed

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  MetroFemme Assistant Commissioner

Is the problem Adelaide centric as not much in the news about this in other states or maybe a nanny state approach?
  torrens5022 Junior Train Controller

All those crossings are on the Seaford line and two are at stations with alternatives the other three have lower visibility from the train, I live near two of these and there's no issues, it's not a nanny state there was a suicide last year between two of these crossings - boom gates and bells in use at said crossing, not a nice thing to witness, safety improvements are always welcome.
  David Peters Dr Beeching

Location: "With Hey Boy".
The trouble with automatic pedestrian gates like what have been provided is that the emergency escape gates can be opened by hand if you are on the pedestrian crossing and the auto gates lock across the entry/exit. Once commuters found this out then they simply use it as a way to circumvent the locked auto gates and so render the whole exercise of providing auto pedestrian gates useless. You see it everyday near stations provided with these crossings. Woodville being a classic example of it at busy times!

A lot of pedestrian crossing's are not sighted in good places either and some are provided on blind rail curves as well. Some though are positioned in places were a freight train has to stand blocking the crossing and so the public decide to climb over the stationary train carriages to get where they are going or else walk around the train rear end by walking down the tracks. This last one is done at Mile End and it is just a fluke that so far no one has been killed doing it. When the new track dive is bought into operation in the parkland's at what is now called Torrens Junction hopefully this stopping of long trains over this particular pedestrian crossing will cease, however the speed of trains over the pedestrian crossing might then increase and catch unsuspecting public. You fix one thing and create another problem.

People are lazy and want to take the shortest distance between two places even if that includes risking their lives to do it, also here in South Australia public cannot wait a couple of minutes for anything, most probably the same interstate as well.

All the crossings are being closed for safety reasons but I would bet you that as soon as they are removed or barricaded off some fool will still decide to use that particular place to cross the tracks. The woman that was hit by the Overland in the Adelaide Hills the other day was reputed to have been doing this using a place where there is no pedestrian crossing instead of going a bit further and using a provided one, not that it means much as even one that is provided can still get you killed if you are not alert to things around you, telephones and Ipads come into play here especially if ear phones are used.
  Pressman Spirit of the Vine

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The crossing at Mile End that David Peters is referring to has been "temporarily" closed and fenced off by ARTC. ARTC wanted to close it quite a while ago due to train drivers reporting members of the public taking risks. Public backlash saw it stay open but ARTC installed hidden surveillance cameras and sure enough within a couple of days ......... video footage of pedestrians climbing over stationary flat bed carriages. So it was closed with a review to be held after Torrens junction fly over is completed.
(Torrens junction is a BG/SG crossover where BG Adelaide Metro trains have priority over trains on the ARTC SG DIRN.
Once this is removed Freight trains won't need to stop for the junction and hence not block the Mile End pedestrian crossing)

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