5910 & 4901 - triple 86 class - Hawkesbury River - December 1991

  Bevan Wall Deputy Commissioner

Earlier this year I discovered an unlabelled video that had somehow become stashed in one of my cupboards. I digitised all my tapes nearly ten years ago, but this one had escaped that process and I had no idea what was on it. When I put it in my SVHS tape deck, which has not seen any use for a number of years, one of the drive belts in the machine promptly snapped. Last weekend I had a few spare hours so I had a go at fixing the player, and what was revealed on the tape were some scenes  I recorded on Saturday December 7th 1991, of 5910 on a tour to Hawkesbury River, assisted by green 4901 for the climb back up Cowan bank. What is even more impressive from today’s perspective though is the sight of a down intermodal freight with three electric 86 class locos up front absolutely hurtling past the tour while it was stabled in the Hawkesbury River refuge.


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  Valvegear Oliver Bullied, CME

Location: Richmond Vic
And very nice, too. I'm glad you didn't step out in front of the 86's - they weren't messing about.
  Graham4405 The Ghost of George Stephenson

Location: Dalby Qld
Bevan, I'm glad you found that video! But was that all that was on it?
  Showtime Chief Train Controller

Looked like a decent pothole in the track near the signal when the 86's went through too
  ssaunders Chief Train Controller

Was that a trip to Lavender Bay that didn't make there? Rings a bell as a trip which at the last minute the SRA as it was then, had a problem and destination changed to the river.

  Bevan Wall Deputy Commissioner

Bevan, I'm glad you found that video! But was that all that was on it?
From the last scene of the tour departing Hornsby the tape is crumpled and will not play. I'm assuming what happened was that when the tape was ejected from the camera after the day's recording there was a problem and the tape got damaged. I've put it aside to make sure I did not attempt to put in back in the camera and promptly forgotten about it.
  Just The Tip Junior Train Controller

Location: Danger zone
What a find!!!
  4206 Chief Commissioner

Location: Dorrigo yard
Thank you for sharing
  DRR_Fireman Deputy Commissioner

Location: -
I'm generally not interested in the goings on of the "mainland" railways but I would like to say @BevanWall that I always make time to watch your videos when you post them, I reckon they're some of the highest quality, best put together videos on the Australian rail scene out there. I don't know if your travels ever brought you and your camera to the island state, but if so I'd love to see any footage you have!

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