RRR at Town Hall

  wally-wowser1 Train Controller

Location: overlooking the Mt vic washaway on Soldiers Pinch
Was there ever a RRR room or milk bar at Town Hall Station ?  There are currently 2 privately leased milk bars ,one on either side of the concourse ,were these ever run by the Railways similar to the  dining room at Wynyard .  Thanks for any info ,Wally .

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  georges Chief Train Controller

I do not think there was ever an RRR at Town Hall. The milk bars and all other businesses there were removed at least a decade ago. The station has been renovated several times in living memory. The wooden escalators to Platforms 5 and 6 have recently been replaced by steel escalators. The false ceiling of the concourse currently awaits replacement.

This video, made in 2014, shows a shop-free concourse -

  gordon_s1942 Chief Commissioner

Location: Central Tablelands of NSW
As boy in Sydney pre 1954 and odd times later, I cerainly dont remember there being an RRR at Townhall.
Wynyard always seemed to have those outlets (mostly flowers)  on the ramp but not St James, Museum or Town Hall.
Central of course had the big daddy of them all on the 'Steam Platforms' which I always thought were dearer than any where else.
One thing I liked was the Fruit cake which no one else seemed to sell and an other thing I remember was when you bought a bottle of soft drink, (Schweppes of course) they charged 6d (sixpence) or roughly 5 cents deposit and you got a ticket to hand in with the bottle to get that refunded.
This was supposedly refundable at any Railway station but this was not always done with some stations (Katoomba being one) claiming you had to go to Mt Victoria Ref Room to get the refund.
Due to the Train service back then, this was not a simple task just to get your sixpence back so the staff in the Parcel office offered to take the bottle and ticket and dispose of it for you.
They then sent it to the  Mount to try and claim the refund for themselves but the Ref Room Manager was a real tight smeg and refused to do the refund because you where an employee.
By Law no railway employee (or local resident) at a Ref Room station could enter the  Bar area where alcohol was available, they didnt even like you going in to the public area to buy anything.
I think the Alcohol license was for Travelers only so as not to compete with any other licensed places like a Pub.

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