Railway Empire

  Big J Deputy Commissioner

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I see that a new rail based game is being released called Railway Empire.

It looks good from what I saw on the web. Primarily it is a strategy based game based on becoming a railway (railroad) owner. To my mind it is similar to a empire total war game. While there is no war, it is about expansion and competing against other owners.

The graphics don't look too half bad and nice to see that it will come out on Console and not just being a PC game.

It should be a nice distraction for me from TANE.

NB: Yes I am aware of Railway Tycoon and Sid Meier's as well), but in my opinion they are dated.

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  Dangersdan707 Chief Commissioner

Location: On a Thing with Internet
I don't want to imagine the controls on console, how ever seems like a better version of transport fever
also in Total War shogun 2 fall of the Samari (smog spelling) there are trains

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