Expect more chaos on Melbourne's roads and train lines

  baloydi Station Staff

Location: Melbourne
Due to Melbourne's massive infrastructure boom is well underway and commuters are suffering.

To mention the train chaos after major equipment fault -- Alamein, Belgrave, Glen Waverley, Hurstbridge, South Morang and Lilydale lines were all halted after an equipment fault between Flinders Street and Jolimont Station.

Road projects underway
  • Hoddle Street (started 2018)
  • West Gate Tunnel (started 2018)
  • Chandler Highway Upgrade (started 2017)
  • M80 Ring Road Upgrade (started 2017)
  • Swan Street Bridge (started 2017)
  • Monash Freeway Upgrade (started 2016)
  • CityLink Tulla Widening (started 2015)
  • Level Crossing Removal Project (started 2015)

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  Madjikthise Deputy Commissioner

Ring road upgrade started the day it opened as it was never wide enough to start with.
  HardWorkingMan Chief Commissioner

Location: Echuca
The original ring road proposal and design was for trucks-only and funded by a special levy on diesel fuel. (there were very few diesel cars back then) however the pollies got involved while it was 1/2 built and opened it for cars and other vehicles so that's why it was too small.

It's actually one of the few roads that make sense as it doesn't compete with rail links and if they had built the whole ring road then would have prevented a lot of the congestion around the CBD.

However most of Melbourne's road and rail infrastructure has not kept up with the growth of the city and its spread.  A lot of them were designed when Dandenong, Pakenham and Werribee were considered country towns and distinct entities not Melbourne Suburbs

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