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Hi guys
For a week now i have been looking for a good quality drone, i looked at different websites such as apple and eBay but i don't know which ones are good. i thought ill come here to ask you guys as im wanting to pursue a career  in drone photography.
However, Im a year 10 student so dont have alot to spend. For instance these are some ive found, would they work for me.

ebay drones

and found this lennox branded drone that was very cheap... has anyone used this model before


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  locojoe67 Assistant Commissioner

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Hi Harris,

Welcome to Railpage.

There are either sources of info I suggest reading up on, eg here:

There are good drones and there are cheap drones, but it's generally one or the either. I seriously considered a drone and looked at the choices for a good six months. I had a budget of up to a thousand dollars but in the end decided not to, sticking with my existing equipment. Fwiw, heres what I found.

The cheaper drones like the syma range are good to learn on, but any shots or video footage is likely to be less than pleasing to due low res sensors, micro jitter and lack of stabilisers on the drone.

There are brushless drones like the mjx bugs range that claim to occupy a middle ground between the cheap and the good drones, but quality is still variable, at best. The bugs 3 is currently getting good reviews if you have a Gopro to strap to it.

The better stabilised drones on review sites were all over my budget, and hence will be out of your range too. eg

Buyers seem to like smaller and compact drones, Dji have sold many of its mavic range, and released the smaller spark. This creates an opportunity in the second hand market provided size and weight isn't an issue.

Once you've spent time (weeks, months, whatever you feel necessary) training on a syma or equivalent, I'd suggest you consider a phantom 3 pro or advanced. Parts aren't cheap but they are available. Second battery is a must.

Become familiar with the essentials:

In the end I chose not to, for now. I live in an urban area and would need to drive anywhere just to fly it. I have other interests and commitments - ymmv.

There are some fabulous emerging pics and video captured with drones and it's great to see new perspectives on familiar hack spots.

Good luck with your choice, and let us know how you go.
  tobeymarshall Beginner

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i have this LENOXX FD1310 drone, i think its great for startup

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