Proposal for Upfield line level crossing removal

  tom9876543 Chief Train Controller

Hi, the level crossing removal thread had some posts about the Upfield line.

I believe I have the best solution for the Upfield line.
The line should be tunnelled, with 7 storey high apartment complexes built above it.

Park St to Bell St should be tunnelled, it is approx 4150m.
I will presume 3200m length above the tunnel is for apartment construction.

3200m length x 13.6m width x 6 storeys = 261,120m2.
(1 level is dedicated to car parking.)

An very quick look at, I'm guessing average 3 bedroom apartment is 100m2 and $530,000.

So total sales roughly will be: $1.38 billion. ($1,383,936,000)

i am making a total guess, but I will assume construction cost is 60% of the sale price, $828 million.

It appears the cost of twin 15km tunnels is $2.8 billion:

I am only guessing, but based on Sydney Metro, it should cost about $1 billion to build 4km cut and cover tunnel plus new train stations.
Then cut and cover tunnel should be 3 tracks wide - make sure there will be capacity for possible future of Metro express / Vline passenger / freight.

My rough back of the envelope maths, shows Victorian Government can tunnel the Upfield line for a net cost of $1,380 milllion - $828 million - $1000 million = $448 million.

A net outlay of $450 million for a 4km rail tunnel is a bargain. Maybe with more accurate estimate, it could be even less.

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  stooge spark Chief Train Controller

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Tom, this is a decent plan and all but a few things.
1. Whats the point of another crossing thread? Just stick it into that 20 years since the upfield upgrade thread or the 50 level crossings thread.
2. If you're gonna make it that long why not push further? Go all the way to at least Box forest road, or if you want to respect the dead, Boundary road.
3. This is a fairly unrealistic plan (at least in the context of this country), especially the 7 storey apartments, there are very few examples of value capture that has been done, only things include building shops in the concourse of the station.
4. And of course NIMBYS will be NIMBYS, I don't need to explain that one.
  tom9876543 Chief Train Controller

Hi Stooge,

Gooid questions, my answers are:
- The proposal is to build approx 2611 apartments. To maintain prices, we can't flood the real estate market with 10,000 apartments. A second stage could be built 10 years after this one has been completed.
- I am guessing there are more than 1000 apartments complexes that are 7 storeys or higher in Melbourne. I will assume the railway line is totally shut down during construction. Then the project consists of building the tunnel (via cut and cover). Then the apartment construction will be done completely separately above the buried tunnel. WIth this approach, I think it is feasible.
- NIMBYs are a pain in the smeg. NIMBYs should be happy the noisy railway has been removed. (Yes, there is a large apartment building in it's place.) If the state government is willing to lose 1 or 2 seats, NIMBYs become irrelevant.

Now the government has focused on the Suburban Rail Loop, it looks like the level crossings on Upfield line won't be removed any time soon.

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