3137 - Thirlmere - March 1989

  Bevan Wall Deputy Commissioner

Here are a couple of videos recorded with a very "primitive" camera before I started using a tripod featuring 3137 operating on the Thirlmere Loop Line in March 1989. I doubt we will be seeing two 30 class tank engines triple heading with 3801 any time soon.
What is also quite amazing to see is the complete disregard for any of the types of behaviour now forbidden by today's work safety regulations.



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  michaelgm Chief Commissioner

I can remember 3137 and 5461 double heading "around" the same time. They hammered down the hill into Thirlmere, limit is I think 40km/h, well in excess of that.
RE safety etc.
Amused by, some blokes in high vis vests, they are high visability only, not bullet proof.

Thanks for posting, Mick.

EDIT. Legs hanging out, thought is was PBR. Haven't times changed.

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