4638 - Sydney Harbour Bridge - December 1998

  Bevan Wall Deputy Commissioner

Here's a video for the 46 class fans.
Around this time twenty years ago, 4638 was used to haul a NSWRTM tour over the Harbour Bridge and down to Lavender Bay in the late afternoon.
I acquired my first wide screen high definition camera early in 2005, and have been waiting ever since to have another go at recording the opening scene in this 1998 video, but to the best of my knowledge a loco hauled train has not travelled right across the bridge in all that time until 8606 was used late at night at the end of October. Occasionally a works train has crept slowly out from Milsons Point to about half way across the bridge, but that has been mainly at night. Is anyone aware of an instance of a loco hauled train traversing the entire length of the Bridge since 2005?


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  4206 Chief Commissioner

Location: Dorrigo yard
Thank you for sharing

4638 looks very different now than what it did then
  Just The Tip Junior Train Controller

Location: Danger zone
Spectacular! The usual high quality filming from well thought out locations. Can only get better with new technology.
Travelling across the bridge would be great from that observation car that is sometimes on the museum trains too.
  SydneyCider Chief Train Controller

Great video the loco looks (or should I say looked) amazing there. Hopefully 4638 and 7100, among the various other items of rolling stock stored at Broadmeadow will be moved under safe, secure cover with the establishment of the announced Chullora Heritage Hub.

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