4497 - "last man standing" - May 2019

  Bevan Wall Deputy Commissioner

At the end of May 2019, 4497 was the last member of its class still in regular revenue freight service. The loco is seen here working with "little" engines 852, 864 & 872 on QUBE train no.3314 from Harefield to Junee recorded on a wet Friday, May 31st, 2019. It will be interesting to see if the any other of the 44s that survived the extinction event of the mid 1990s get a reprieve.


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  Valvegear Oliver Bullied, CME

Location: Richmond Vic
Another excellent record of a part of Australian railway history.
  Just The Tip Junior Train Controller

Location: Danger zone
Is 872 (rear trailing loco) missing an exhaust stack or has it been modified in some way?
  Junction box Chief Commissioner

Location: newy
What happened to 4477 in cfcla colors at qube?
  Dangersdan707 Chief Commissioner

Location: On a Thing with Internet
and 4488
  alexk Locomotive Driver

Location: Not far from Thornleigh
What happened to 4477 in cfcla colors at qube?
Junction box
Based on the photo descriptions of L1172 on Flickr, I think 4477 has been withdrawn from service to storage (unsure if it's a permanent withdrawal) due to contamination of the engine oil with coolant, indicating excessive wear (and corrosion) to the engine block. I think 4458 has the same issue. I'm pretty sure the photos are by L1172 on Flickr and were taken in early March this year. The photos showed the 44s stored with tarpaulins sheeted over the carbody at Junee Roundhouse. I'll try and source a link or two shortly.

Edit: link to the Trove record:


and also photos on Robert Astley's Flickr page:


Matt from Junee Rail Workshops (who used to post here) would be able to comment further I'm sure.
  Junction box Chief Commissioner

Location: newy
Spare blocks would be thin on the ground these days, isn't there a couple of 45 rotting at broken hill?
  SydneyCider Chief Train Controller

Thanks for sharing this video. I believe 4458 hauled the last Intercapital Daylight Express (with 4427 - Melbourne bound) as well as the last south bound North Mail (from Tenterfield).
  4206 Chief Commissioner

Location: Dorrigo yard
Thank you for sharing
  KRviator Moderator

Location: Up the front
Wasn't it '97 that had that rather attractive graffiti artwork applied to her sides at Chullora a around 12 years ago?

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