99.9% Garratt

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  MetroFemme Assistant Commissioner

What garret number is this please?

99.9% Garratt

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  duttonbay Minister for Railways

It's not a garret at all. But if you follow the link, and look over to the right where it says "most read this week" you will a number of references to NG/G16 129. That's a hint. Although many people know it as NGG16 129.
  Jack Le Lievre Assistant Commissioner

Location: Moolap Station, Vic
South African Railways NG129 (2-6-2+2-6-2), apparently.
  Just The Tip Junior Train Controller

Location: Danger zone
Ugh, another clickbait article and another person who can't look two posts down to find an answer.
  Adogs Chief Train Controller

I came here to say "the South African one they've been restoring for a while" but others beat me to it.

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