Ideas for Queensland freight wagons to model

  jonwil Station Master

I am displaying a LEGO Queensland Rail freight train at a LEGO show in a few weeks and want to hear from the experts on here of any interesting freight cars (or loads) I could build to add to my train. Currently I have a nice diesel, 2 grain hoppers and a flatcar. The flatcar has a small container and a large electrical generator on it.

Anyone got any suggestions of things that one might see running the rails in QLD as freight that would look interesting to model? Anything that isn't containers (I already have one of those) or more hoppers (since I dont have the parts to build a 3rd hopper).
Or a tank car (all the parts I could use to build a tank are being used for the tanks in my XXX Brewery model)

There must be some sort of unusual load that one might see out there that isn't carried in a shipping container, tank car or hopper car.

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  Big J Deputy Commissioner

Location: In Paradise
Can I suggest a livestock car, as this is the last state hauling these?

Unfortunately the era of a varied collection of freight wagons on a train have gone for the past 2 decades.

There were unique wagons, such as the well wagon for transformers, cranes, guards vans combined with other uses such as livestock. But these have long gone.

Maybe another is the sugar boxes still used for the Proserpine to Mackay Harbour leg by PN?
  jonwil Station Master

A cattle car seems like a great load out and I am sure I have the bits to pull it off. Would just need to track down some more cows (2 is not enough Smile

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