Alcos 8003 & 8027 - Tuscan livery - Hunter Valley - October 1999

  Bevan Wall Deputy Commissioner

By September 1999, there were three diesel locos still painted in the NSWGR Indian Red livery - 42220, 8003 & 8027. The two 80s did not compliment FreightCorp's new corporate image, so had been "banished" to Werris Creek where they were used mainly for banking duties over the Liverpool Range. Late in September word came through that the withdrawal of 8003 & 8027 was imminent, so a run of the two locos to Newcastle was quickly organised for "photographic purposes". The up train ran in darkness, with the return north set up for a daylight trip timed to make best use of the sun angle at available photo locations. This happened twenty years ago on this date, October 1st, 1999. A couple of days later the locos went into storage, but, due to motive power shortages, they were occasionally re-activated, but again restricted to banking duties. I last time I saw them in use was around the middle of 2005, but by then the livery was looking vey shabby.
Here are some scenes from that October 1st, 1999 trip.

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  steve_w_1990 Junior Train Controller

Location: Trying to fix something on the PTA Network
Loved the video, thanks for sharing.
  Valvegear Oliver Bullied, CME

Location: Richmond Vic
Ah! Nostalgia!  A pair of 80's looking like genuine NSW engines - exactly as God intended.
  4206 Chief Commissioner

Location: Dorrigo yard
Thank you for sharing

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