Well wagon from junk, and other home constrction ideas

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It's a bit quiet in this part of the forum, so here is the result of our latest activity. Our long open wagon is useful for carrying tools and construction material but was it was ugly to look at and the ends had decayed. So seeking an activity to share with a visiting grandchild we brought the car in for repair and upgrade to this well wagon.

You will never see it this clean again.

Parts, in order of cost:
  • bogies (unmatched), old, opportunity cost only
  • auto couplers
  • paint
  • bolts and screws
  • timber, all free, from three different beds.
The disadvantage of using cheap wood is that it depends on the paint for protection. This wagon only lasted six years outdoors before needing repair. An advantage is that everyone can have a go at making something without worrying about the cost of material possibly spoiled.Here's what I mean:

(sorry, RP has enlarged this image, it should not be this big)

Anyway, what have others been building lately?

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