Huawei banned from UK 5G network from 2021


News article: Huawei banned from UK 5G network from 2021

The government has banned Chinese technology firm Huawei from providing telecommunications equipment to the UK’s mobile 5G network from the start of 2021.

  NSWGR8022 Chief Commissioner

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Would not have gone down well in China especially when you think about the size of the business in the UK.  The Uk have stated this is due to the way China has treated HK and the new laws introduced I wonder if other countries will follow this Uk lead?

Most recently the WA government has also stated it would not proceed with the Chinese vendor.

Huawei banned from UK 5G network from 2021

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  justapassenger Minister for Railways

Huawei was banned from involvement in the 5G rollout here quite some time ago by the federal government. Australia has been the leader.

The WA government is being mischievous if they are claiming credit for the decision, as telecommunications security is a federal responsibility.
  davesvline Chief Commissioner

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Unfortunately, we're too dumb in the western world when it comes to dealing with these people, or playing the game their way.
The Huawei thing is small potatoes when we consider we let them and their citizens buy up shed loads of our businesses and farms/real estate. You simply can't do that over there with them (and in many other places).
You can't go and build any business venture over there UNLESS its in partnership with one of their businesses/manufacturers (this is Trojan horse for so they can steal your Intellectual Property). I work for an American company that makes stuff all over the world, but in Asia we are forced to put up with a lot of the second rate shizola that comes out of China purely because of the volume from the factory. The stuff from Europe the States or Japan is far superior. Yet now, we have the Chinese taking the German designed equipment and drives, and cheapening the crap out of it to save a cent, which compromises quality and longevity. But, because they're got their hooks into the intellectual property  - we're totally stuffed.

To the Huawei thing.... Unlike our barley, the answer from the UK shouldn't have used the word "banned". They should have simply said some crap along the lines of "after a long and exhaustive process to evaluate the prospective winner of our communications tender, it was found Huawei was not the successful applicant". Ie, do what they do, and spin some random line of BS to say they didn't win, without actually saying so or snubbing them, and never revealing the actual reasons why the didn't/were never going to win.

The person who believes in a level playing field (particularly where Chinese are concerned), especially on something of this scale-  is an idiot.

Belt and Road. Yeah, they bring the belt, there's the road mate, and be grateful IF you get asked to cough. Its all one way.


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