Translink (QLD) train horns

  JimCrosthwaite Beginner

I have been living in the suburb of Sherwood at an approximate distance of 500m from the surburban railway line for more than 30 years. Until recently I have only ever heard a train horn on rare occasions. During the last few months I can hear them constantly all day long and into the late evening. Noise level is intrusive. Does anybody know whether Qld rail has changed their procedures or perhaps increased the sound level of their train horns? It is bad enough for us 500m away but it must be horrendous for residents who are nearby the train stations.

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  The Vinelander Minister for Railways

Location: Ballan, Victoria on the Ballarat Line
Hi, welcome to the forum. I'm no expert, just an Armchair commentator these days, however from what you are describing it sounds like there are infrastructure works occurring nearby. When these works occur, there will be a temporary speed restriction imposed and if that's the case the driver acknowledges the change in speed to the flagman assuming there's one, or to the temporary speed restriction/alteration board with a toot of the whistle.

I'm sure my thoughts will be elaborated on by others.

  phil_48 Deputy Commissioner

Location: Wynnum North
I wrote the following in the " General QR City thread " on 2nd Sept.  I think it may answer your questions...…

Since the introduction of the NGR's there have been an increased number of noise complaints in the Brisbane area as their whistles are much louder than other classes.  The situation was highlighted on Current Affair a few months ago.

On the Cleveland line 4 consecutive stations have level crossings - Lindum, Wynnum North, Wynnum, Wynnum Central.  The named stations except Wynnum have the crossing at the immediate end of their platforms.   The Wynnum crossing is about 100 metres away.

Before entering the platforms there are "W" signs.  Stopping trains sound their whistles at these signs, stop at the platform then sound again on departure ( at the crossings ).

I have noticed in the past couple of weeks an "EXP" sign has added to the "W" signs approaching the platforms.  My guess is that stopping trains no longer have to sound their whistles prior to stopping, and only the expresses/empties need to do so.

Through Wynnum there are about 20 expresses/empties in both directions per weekday.

The "W" sign before the Glenora St crossing on the UP line between Wynnum North and Wynnum does not have an "EXP" added, making me think my thoughts might be correct.  Attached is a photo of these additions on the bi-di tracks before Wynnum North platform.....

Footnote....Since writing this article 4 days ago it appears my assumptions are correct.  Expresses only using their whistles now at the designated 'W' signs, at least at Wynnum North which is my station.

  phil_48 Deputy Commissioner

Location: Wynnum North
Looks like I guessed correctly.  As I live adjacent to Wynnum North station and am affected accordingly, QR dropped the following leaflet in our letterbox...…

  tazzer96 Chief Commissioner

Wilston has one of these now.  Presumeably for the south pine road crossing at alderley.  
These were desperately needed and common sense has prevailed.

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