Valley Heights 1022 and 5711 restoration progress 2020

  bordercollie9401 Beginner

Hi guys,

What is the progress in the restoration of locomotive 1022 and 5711 so far to date?

And has restoration of locomotives in general completely stopped since the lockdown or is there some activity regarding restoration/maintenance.


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  DCook Chief Train Controller

Location: The standard state
Read in the past few editions of both Steam Scene and Depot Diary, available on their website.
The tender of 5711 is apparently going to Chullora for major restoration at some point soon, I do not know any more.
1022 has had axle boxes and wheel bearings installed with the frame ready to be lowered.
1308 has apparently had major work done on the side tanks and other components.
I could be wrong with this information, I am not associated with them in any way

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