Two new contractors for the Port Rail Transformation Project


News article: Two new contractors for the Port Rail Transformation Project

Two important contracts have been awarded for new rail infrastructure at the Port of Melbourne’s Port Rail Transformation Project (PRTP).

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WSP and Seymour Whyte Constructions have been engaged to develop new rail infrastructure at the port, including a new rail terminal interfacing with the container terminal at Swanson Dock East.

WSP will provide the design consultancy services, and Seymour Whyte Constructions the early contractor involvement. The PRTP is an investment by the Port of Melbourne of more than $125 million for the total project, and provides a new operating environment and infrastructure to help move more freight off trucks and onto rail and to make Victoria’s regional rail supply chains more efficient.

The news article contains info about development at the East Swanston Dock area does people know if this has rail access now and this is an upgrade or are they installing a brand new rail access system for the area?

Confusing as they use the words new terminal but there is already a terminal now at the dock?

Two new contractors for the Port Rail Transformation Project

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God lord, there already is a thread on the Port of Melbourne and its rail developments. Why do were need another one?
Please post this there. no need to create a thready for every piece of news that tickles your fancy.

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