Sam Newman ‘devastated’ by sudden death of wife Amanda Brown

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Location: Melbourne, Australia
Footy and TV legend Sam Newman has been left devastated after the sudden death of his wife at their Docklands home.

Amanda Brown, 50, was found by the Geelong great lying on the floor of their apartment at about 8pm Saturday.
Emergency services were alerted, but she was said to be unresponsive.

Newman, 75, is understood to be shocked and heartbroken by his soulmate’s sudden and unexplained passing.

Sam Newman and Amanda Brown on their wedding day last year.

The couple had been together for two decades.

“I’m just devastated, I can’t say anything else,” Newman said this morning.
A report was expected to be prepared for the coroner.

The pair has been together for 20 years, but only tied the knot last November.

They were married in their apartment, with Perfect Match host Greg Evans officiating the ceremony attended by just close family and friends.

Sam Newman with Amanda Brown, who largely shied away from the media spotlight.

Newman’s best mate of more than 30 years, Kevin King, was best man.

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  Gman_86 Chief Commissioner

Location: Melton, where the sparks dare not roam!
I'm not a fan of Sam Newman but having 'devestated' in quotation marks like that in the thread title just seems un-necessarily mean and suggestive.

And saying the Herald Sun had it punctuated that way in it's headline is no excuse.
  Valvegear Oliver Bullied, CME

Location: Richmond Vic
I am also not a Newman fan, but I would certainly not wish this on him. If "devastated" is what he said, by all means quote it; I can understand how he must feel. It would have been a terrible shock.
  mejhammers1 Chief Commissioner

Location: Banned
Losing a partner must be so devastating. My thoughts are with Sam Newman.


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