North British locomotive Works Documentary

  M636C Minister for Railways

This may be of interest.
Since another thread has discussed the complications or otherwise of locomotive design, this gives a good idea of the number and size of components involved in building a locomotive.

(About 38 minutes long)

One item shown is a variable set of Walschearts Valve Gear set up to allow variations of the various dimensions to allow optimisation of a particular layout.

The scenes in the erecting shop show WAGR Pm or Pmr locomotives being assembled, alongide Argentine Railways Class 15B 4-8-0s, so that date is around 1949/50.


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  YM-Mundrabilla Minister for Railways

Location: Mundrabilla but I'd rather be in Narvik
Thanks Peter.
Fascinating! An education to most of us these days.
  Valvegear Oliver Bullied, CME

Location: Richmond Vic
Anyone who has access to the book "Hudson Power" will be able to see some photos taken at the North British works during the building of the Victorian Railways R Class locos.
One particular shot (page 38) shows R700, 717, 710 and 707 in line abreast, with other unidentified locos beyond.

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