Ideas for Hobart Riverline

  Myrtone Chief Commissioner

Location: North Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria
The southernmost section of the railway to Hobart has been vacant since 2014. I remember hearing about the closure of this section of track and thinking about a light rail along there. If the light rail is mostly on off-street track, one idea would be to electrify off-street track with third rail power with batteries to power the fleet on the short street running sections.

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  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Worth rreading the Tasmanian thread  - with some threads that interact with this idea:

David Head
  Myrtone Chief Commissioner

Location: North Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria
Well, I checked out that forum but I don't think I can find any threads that interact with this idea.
  RTT_Rules Oliver Bullied, CME

Location: Dubai UAE
There has been long discussion on this in Tas thread on this and studied by govt with a proposal raised for LR. but question is Tas does not have the money to fund such a project.

Ok, so hypetically the most probably route is Hobart to Claremont, 13km of former ROW + on street running around town in a "9" style loop", say 3km.

- Needs mostly duplication, not too hard, used to be dual track, but there is now a bike track there, still not to hard but does add to complexity.
(TTMS would again be isolated)

- 13km of mostly dual track converted to SG and OH added, few hundred million $ there. The existing line offers anything in the form or savings.

- The existing 3.5 km route around the gardens offers almost nothing in regards to PT and would be abandoned to a bike track, the alternative option is to run up through north Hobart street running. Another few hundred million $

- Say 2.5 km of double track feeding into balloon route km around Hobart CBD, $150 - 200m

- OH where practical with battery operation where not would be the smartest approach. Considering a long run under the wire a battery would work ok with OH at stops.

Future extension would be street running down to the uni and Casino area. Another few hundred million.

All this is a state who's budget is $6.5 B and spends aroudn $750m on capital expenditure.

Do I support the project? Yes, but like SA, will need significant Fed funding to make it viable.
  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Mytone I'll do some digging for you. Just a few links that touch on what you are discussing:

[size=2] Passenger rail would put recovery on right track[/size]
[size=2] Hobart ‘Rail’ Corridor - Hobart City Deal[/size]
[size=2] TTMS - access to main line
  freightgate Minister for Railways

Location: Albury, New South Wales
There was talk I heard about trains returning to the docks area with new shipping volumes.

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