Short running Mandurah line

  anuddernut Locomotive Fireman

Location: Near the beach
Last Sunday (Oct 3) there was an occupation at Cockburn Central with bustitution between Aubin Grove and Perth. I noticed while driving up the freeway towards Perth that there was a signal on the down line near Aubin Grove giving a caution to trains in the up direction and at Auburn Grove in platform 1,the up platform, stationary with Mandurah in it destination box.  Given there is no crossover at Aubin Grove, how were the trains running?  I have my ideas but I want confirmation from you experts.

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  KRviator Moderator

Location: Up the front
Not qualified in PTA safeworking, but likely under what they call an Alternative Proceed Authority from 654 Signal at Rockingham, through 1120 points and wrong-road to Aubin Grove - and that's likely why there's 690 signal at Aubin Grove that only displays Fixed Red preceded by 692 signal. It looks like you could do the same on the Up Line, by going wrong-road back to Rockingham under an appropriate safeworking  authority.

I don't know if we have any PTA driver's on here that could confirm either way, though.
  steve_w_1990 Junior Train Controller

Location: Trying to fix something on the PTA Network
Signalling between Aubin Grove and Rockingham has been modified, with five new signals installed and commissioned to allow bi directional running on either main between those locations.

Signal 694 has been erected at Rockingham to allow trains to depart Rockingham Station on the opposite main and travel towards Aubin Grove, signal 695 has been erected to allow a train coming from Aubin Grove on the opposite main to enter Rockingham yard/ platform.

Signal 692 has been erected at Aubin Grove station to allow a train travelling on the opposite main to enter the down platform, Signal 693 has been erected to allow a train standing on the Up platform at Aubin Grove to travel back towards Rockingham. 690 signal was erected at the Perth end of the down platform facing the up direction and is fixed at red, and prevents traffic from proceeding towards Cockburn Central.

I believe automatic signal (absolute) U236 is now semi automatic (Controlled absolute) signal 688. Also Automatic signal D239 is now controlled automatic signal 691.

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