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  Brianr Deputy Commissioner

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Back before the Trans-Tasman Bubble was burst, I planned to combine a visit to my family in Sydney with a visit to Broken Hill. I am still hanging out for a long train journey. As I did not want to return the next day nor stay a whole 8 nights in Broken Hill, I reluctantly booked a flight with Rex Broken Hill- Dubbo- Sydney after 4 nights. The only alternative was bus to Dubbo connecting with the XPT leaving at an unearthly time in the morning.
First class was booked out so I chose Economy. Fortunately I received full refunds from both the train and from Rex,
I have seen inquiries on Tripadvisor about train trips to Broken Hill.
If I ever consider it again, it would be nice to see at last 2 weekly round trips on offer.

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  theanimal Chief Commissioner

I've just spent 15 minutes of my life reading this thread I will never get back. Oh well.

Disregarding the economics/sanity of running through to Adelaide, would one option be to extend the BHQ Explorer to Keswick?

I think, and I'm sure I'll be corrected if wrong, that the BRQ Explorer's only other duty is to run to Griffith on weekends so the train spends a few days each week idle.

From a logistical point of view, could you run the Explorer to Broken Hill on Monday per the timetable, stable it, run it to Keswick the next day, either stable or return on the same day, either way, get it back to BHQ, overnight it, and send it to Sydney the next day.

The train would still be back by Thursday evening latest and good to run the Griffith service on the weekend.

Sure it would lose money hand over fist, but that's business as usual for CountryLink/TrainLink/whatever
Travelling Hooker
There is also a mid week trip to Griffith that uses the cars, and there are many occasions when the set is uses to replace the Dubbo XPT to allow that set to cascade onto another service to allow for maintenance etc.
  james.au Minister for Railways

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What are the bus service patronage levels between BH and Adelaide?  Seems to be a daily service (excluding covid) which leaves BH at 7, arriving into Adelaide at 1330, with a return departing 1200, arriving 1845.  Trains might make some extra stops and have better speed but take longer time given the longer distance - i doubt they'd be recovering costs...  And they'd be using Keswick...

  billybaxter Chief Commissioner

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Maybe this can be packaged with a resurrection of the Hay to Morgan railway project.

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