How to use OR Multiplayer mode?

  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

Just curious! How do you use Open Rails Multiplayer mode?

I have already made myself a username. But what do I host as "Client or Server" ? And would other Open Rails players be able to join? Do other players need to request to join or do I share my username with friends and get them to join? And is there any way to chat using a mic or text chat?

I just don't know how it works, I've been wanting to try the multiplayer mode for a few years since Open Rails released it's second stable release on Windows 7 "I can't remember the version, so don't ask" Laughing

Regards, Phil

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  superheatedsteam Deputy Commissioner

Location: Perth, WA
How do you use Open Rails Multiplayer mode?
I have never tried multi player in OR but the manual appears to be quite comprehensive.


  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

Thanks mate!

Really strange I did not even find that link you've provided, really appreciate it Smile

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