The Ashes 2021/2022

  justapassenger Minister for Railways

It would not be out of the question for CA to appoint Cummins as the captain for political purposes and Smith as vice-captain, but with the understanding being that on the field Cummins and Smith would be more co-captains.
Never! Captaincy by consensus just doesn't work. One man is the boss. By all means have the team meeting before the game where everyone is welcome to contribute but, after that, the captain is it.
You're full of sh!†.

Neither of Pat Cummins or Steve Smith is going to be anywhere near being the best captain in the world, whichever is appointed will have plenty to learn from consulting and discussing with the other.

The same goes for your outdated anti-coaching rants. This isn't the 1950s when Australian cricket was guaranteed a world-leading talent pool to pick from purely because there wasn't anything else to do in the summer. At most only two current players are even in with a chance of being talked about for a hypothetical World XI, the rest all need to take whatever steps necessary to improve their game. In case you missed something, their last Test saw the demolition of Fortress Gabba by an India side so depleted by injury that only three of the players from the first Test of the series remained!

For all the mismanagement at Cricket Australia, letting certain old fogeys be seen and not heard is a decision they have made perfectly over recent years.

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  Carnot Minister for Railways

Mark "Kim Jong" McGowan has pretty much killed off any chance of the Perth Test going ahead.  That bunch of paranoid isolationists don't deserve it anyway.  Let them hide in their caves.

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