cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

I was just searching for some photos of the S Set Tulloch carriages! And I came across this old website for the Sydney West stage 1 route Sydney West Project ( so I was curious about the site as I've never seen it before and I explored the links and noticed Nazarail's Cityrail MSTS route? Was this route ever distributed or not?

I am asking about the Nazarail's Cityrail MSTS route! Not asking about the Sydney West route, I have this route sadly it's not finished and been neglected Sad

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  boomgatez2 Station Staff

Location: Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
Hi, I am unsure whether or not if Nazarail's Route was ever distributed, based on how it looks, if you were to download anything, take it with a grain of salt. If you have heard of Trainz by N3V, there is a Russian website hosting peoples private content, there was storage for Aussie Trainz content, and people could hack into it, but one of the owners (Zec Murphy) Changed that to be hackproof.

Regards, Douglas.
  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

I couldn't find anything about Nazarail's Cityrail MSTS route, not even screenshots.
  billybaxter Chief Commissioner

Location: Bosnia Park, Fairfield
This Nazarail I downloaded maybe 12 years past but it was just some tracks and billiard table. Somebody starts, big ideas, too hard, forgets. A waste don't look

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