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  Toad Montgomery Chief Commissioner

Location: Port Hedland: Team EMU want's YOU!
Booster wagon's eh?

So that 'torpedo tank' would be charged with Main Res air and fed into the BP to keep the brakes released when dumping? You'd want to have bugger all BP leakage, methinks...

So these wagons carry ore in the normal manner in addition to maintaining BP pressure during unloading?

Yes, normal waggon profile to be loaded with ore and dumped through the dumper as normal, but also hold the train air for the dumping duration. I have been told by a couple of people that they are not working as desired yet...
Big ask to hold air in 240-250 waggons for a couple of hours plus at a time.

Rio Tinto use compressor sets while Hamersley used them for East Intercourse Island, Parker Point used a loco to index the waggons through. Robe River also used compressor sets, while Roy Hill leave the locomotives attached and BHP also now leave the locos attached after using compressor sets for many years.

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  Toad Montgomery Chief Commissioner

Location: Port Hedland: Team EMU want's YOU!
Hi Toad. Thank you for a very informative posting and (for me) explaining the purpose of the yellow ended wagons. I did also notice that several of the FMG sets are now running with a noticeably smaller (yellow) ETM fitted, are these a recent introduction?

In regards to CD4305, I’m led to believe that it’s wheel sets are or were basically ‘scrap size’. One turning left (if that) and then would need replacing. Given how long it’s been stored in the open there may be more issues than that?
G'day Darsamalx,

Yes I started seeing the smaller units about 5-6 months ago.
Prior to this FMG and all the other Pilbara operators use primarily Wabtec 'TrainLink ECP' EOT units.

When the CD units were last on hire to Roy Hill in late 2017/18 CD 4305 I'm pretty sure was actually used in traffic.
I had seen CD 4301, 2 and 3 on trains.
  JNSymes Junior Train Controller

Thanks JNS.
I should have thought of that but for some reason I tend to overlook Roy Hill.
Guess that I am not into pink locomotives. Very Happy
Haha, they look quite sad after a bit of Pilbara Vitamin D
  Toad Montgomery Chief Commissioner

Location: Port Hedland: Team EMU want's YOU!
Roy Hill's latest locomotive RHA 1028 was delivered to site today (12/01/2022) by Tutt Bryant Heavy Lift & Shift.RHA 1028 is in the breast cancer awareness livery. This livery already adorns RHA 1022 to RHA 1026 locomotives and a couple of hundred waggons. RHA 1028 has a build date of November 2021 by Wabtec Fort Worth Texas as an ES44ACi with serial number 66307.
It was shipped out of the port of Houston USA on the 23rd November 2021 by the vessel CALYPSO and unloaded in Port Hedland on the 9th January 2022.

Roy Hill has also recently taken delivery of more pink coloured waggons as well.
BHP should be receiving another batch of waggons very shortly.

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