More 12CSVTs allocated for preservation in Tas

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2110 left East Tamar this morning on it's way to the Bellarine Railway.
There is a You Tube clip of it being trucked from ETJ to Devonport early this morning.

Meanwhile others at ETJ are being prepped for delivery to their respective new homes.

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  Peter-Hem Junior Train Controller

Location: Tasmania
Be great to see it built back to its original condition and painted in the tiger-stripe livery.
  lkernan Chief Commissioner

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From the Tasmanian Railway History Facebook page:

It's a TGR reunion in Victoria.   The X classes doing the pulling and the SF shunters flat in between.

  lkernan Chief Commissioner

Location: Melbourne
Looks like they're prepping the next batch for removal.
  sam6778 Junior Train Controller

Location: Rockingham, WA
Time for an update on what's what, with the EOI's accepted or otherwise, as follows:

EOI's received but advised as being held over to the New Year & subject to the removal from ETJ of the above:
  • 2111 (Z2)
  • 2115 (ZA2)
  • 2128 (ZB14)
  • 2100 (ZP1)
  • 2101 (ZR2)
Good to have that extra info thanks Steve, when I saw the list I was surprised by some of the conspicuous absences.

While not EEs, the old stalwart Beaver tamper and one of the old ballast regulators have been sold (and delivered) to Bellarine.
I am hoping that the locos noted above, whose EOI's were set aside for the present, will be released to the interested Tasmanian party, when most of the other locos have been shifted to their new homes.

I'm surprised the Beaver went. I knew the old EBR tamper was up for disposal, but was advised it is so mechanically stuffed, it would be almost be cheaper to buy a new one than try and rebuild that. Whilst its a shame the Beaver and two of the 'Z's are leaving the state (esp. Tasmania's historic first Co-Co heavy diesel), it is at least heartening that they aren't going to scrap.
I had read on a Facebook page that the EBR tamper (UST16) was destined for WCWR along with TR1.  Cheers.
  lkernan Chief Commissioner

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