Andrew Symonds death: Former Australian cricketer passes away in tragic car accident

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Location: Melbourne, Australia
The cricket world is in mourning today following the death of popular former Test all-rounder Andrew Symonds in a car accident.

Symonds was involved in an accident outside Townsville where he lived in retirement.

The flamboyant all-rounder was one of cricket’s most popular characters during the peak of his career, before forging a successful career as a media identity on Fox Sports.

Tributes poured in for the loveable rogue on Sunday, with Fox colleagues Adam Gilchrist, Michael Vaughan and Isa Guha leading the charge.

Australian cricket great Andrew Symonds has passed away, aged 46.
Queensland police released a statement to say the single-car crash occurred on late on Saturday night at Hervey Range, where it is believed Symonds was driving up Hervey Range Road, near Alice River Bridge, when the car left the road and rolled.

Paramedics attempted to revive him but he later died at the scene as a result of his injuries.

Symonds’ family issued a statement confirming his passing and appreciated peoples’ sympathy and best wishes, and asked that their privacy be respected.

Symonds died in a tragic car accident Picture: Getty
He played 26 Tests and was a crucial member of Australia’s all-conquering one-day side, twice helping deliver World Cup glory.
Symonds was 46.

His death follows the tragic passing of long-time teammate Shane Warne and fellow legend Rod Marsh, who both died of heart attacks in March.

“Andrew Symonds was one of a kind,” said Fox Sports Executive Director Steve Crawley in a statement.

“We awake to this shocking news and our deepest sympathies are with his wife Laura, two boys and all of his work mates and dear friends throughout Fox Sports and the Cricket fraternity.”

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  michaelgm Chief Commissioner
  justapassenger Minister for Railways

Shamefully, I believe he died without Cricket Australia ever apologising for their lack of support when he was racially abused by Harbhajan Singh, Sachin Tendulkar and Indian spectators who CA refused to evict from matches.
  Valvegear Oliver Bullied, CME

Location: Richmond Vic
It is reported by Nine (i.e. it is now in the public arena) that police believe Symonds was ejected from the vehicle. If so, it's crying shame that a seat belt may have saved him.
As well as his obvious talent with bat and ball, Symonds was absolutely electric in the field. Some of his direct-hit run outs were just fantastic.
A real crowd-pleaser gone far too soon.
  BrentonGolding Chief Commissioner

Location: Maldon Junction
A great cricketer gone too early, as VG has said an outstanding fielder, great batsman and pretty handy with the ball as well

I loved watching him play but also enjoyed listening to him commentate later in his career, far more level headed and down to earth than some others in the box

There were many reasons why he left the game too early but after being strongly supported by his captain Ponting he was let down badly by one who followed as well as CA

A man who could switch between being a superstar on the cricket field and an ordinary bloke off it with ease

RIP Roy. I hope the Barra are biting up there
  freightgate Minister for Railways

Location: Albury, New South Wales
Geez we have lost a few this year. Hoping cricket Australia have learnt from their mistakes over the monkey incident.
  Carnot Minister for Railways

If you're a bloke who follows cricket and is aged in your 40s and 50s, then 2022 has brought the fragility and brevity of life into focus...
  Graham4405 The Ghost of George Stephenson

Location: In exile
If you're a bloke who follows cricket and is aged in your 40s and 50s, then 2022 has brought the fragility and brevity of life into focus...
If you're a former Australian Cricketing Great, perhaps you should be worried...

I was looking for recent deaths of same and found this:

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