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Posted 21 Feb 2014 18:51 in New South Wales by 4464

[quote=wonos4x4]I may be in the wrong forum if I ma please forgive me and tell me were to go! But I am after the track plans for Picton NSW from the old Goods Yards Stock Yards etc through to Tahmoor ...

Posted 31 Jan 2014 18:31 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by 4464

Off my memory.

4848,4849 and 4850 I saw regularly growing up with the "scrubber" which was also carried over while locos were repainted from Candy to Freight Rail. I also noted seeing one of the 4815 ...

Peco Code 83 Concrete Sleeper Track.

4 Unopened Boxes (25 per box) $100 Box plus post.

The coil cradles Auscision produce only fit a couple of wagons.

RCAF - Ex SRA NODY underframes (2CM Bogies and Two Cradles)

RCBF - Barber S2 Bogies and Two Cradles

RCQF - Barber S2 bogies and T ...

And of course, the NEM ones are not in the every type Kadee sample pack, still plenty to choose from though, could still be of use.

True! Yes all depends on the age of the mode ...

Out of the box it should be fitted with NEM pockets which can cater for Kadee 17,18,19,20 couplings.

Broad Gauge Bodies and Chickadee did offer a massive range of Boxes in 48 and 53 footers as well as your standard 20's and 40's, with decals to suit, but both have seem to fallen off the radar again!  ...

The Southern Rail Masts are "prototypical" but only provide a small snippet of the "Sydney Trains" network. Some of the masts I reckon date back to the 1920s-30s!!

I am doing "The Goods Lines" basi ...

[quote=catchpoint]My understanding (and am willing to stand corrected) is that the SDS Future release of the Peters Containerised Milk "Wagon" actually does include the NZMF wagon.

Whereas I do not ...

Posted 24 Jul 2013 18:42 in New South Wales by 4464

Qube aka POTA, started running 8942/9841 to Port Kembla about May/June 2010 with my earliest photo being at Goulburn 24/5/10. I remember the contract changed over about the same time in 2012!

Posted 16 Jun 2013 15:26 in New South Wales by 4464

That looks like CM2, So ill take a stab at Grong Grong?

Posted 27 May 2013 18:09 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by 4464

He's still sitting at the back of "what's left" of DELEC's wheel lathe, with progression getting near!

There is a Story of "Bruce" here.

7 x Lima Southern Aurora cars, all still original condition, no box asking $50.00 each + Postage,

3 x Ozzy Under-carriage detailing kits for above carriages, asking $10.00 each + Postage

Posted 22 Apr 2013 10:43 in New South Wales by 4464

Glenlee Washery is used by Aurizon as a meeting point to add or take off loads from their MB/BM7 services, fed by smaller trains 1253/2154 from Yennora (woolsheds). The Washery itself is no longer in  ...

Great Pics Greensleaves!

My ex ELX Roster.

Ive got 4 Powerline ELX's which are fitted and needed when you use the Aust N Rail tarps, as they will not fit on anything else. These will be all RKCX's ...

Grapevine is saying,
Some of the CL's will be allocated to Southern Wheat, as Aurizon are planning to have a Second train to complement 3958/9359 serving the southern NSW wheat belt.
Has anyone heard  ...

Just to double check, are the SSR GM's coming through on this production run or are they being released at a later date?

Later date! 6 Numbers are only o ...

Thanks to Blair in the US, I used his PRX's as a reference for my NPRY's!

The first Sighting of EL's i got on MB/BM7 was EL54/57 on 10/8/2004. I think the service started maybe a week before this.
QR only had max 4-6 EL's at this time, but I did note GL108 leading an Up ser ...

FYI,Nowaydays Moss Vale,NSW Allocated 81's in the 8166-80 range are still the only ones that travel on VM/MV9 Cement to Somerton,VIC!

Posted 26 Dec 2012 18:57 in New South Wales by 4464

Bit of Both, its been fairly regular lately (every second day) but that second day can alter! LOL

Normally it gets to Maldon round 11am mark but i have seen it both earlier and later, and normally l ...

How frequent/extensively would have an 82 been in front of NGMA/F's? Would make for an interesting consist but I'm guessing it would've only been for a brief period in time. Any recollections?

Real ...

Posted 10 Dec 2012 19:49 in Model Railways - General Discussions by 4464

We have the MZ Mark III here in OZ!

They are made by Hobbytrade under the brand MCK Modeller in Denmark. I have a pair of these un-modified (will get to them eventually) and are quite nice for AU $ ...

Posted 10 Dec 2012 19:34 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by 4464

Hi All,I have a question about DL 41, but instead of making one thread, I thought I would make a big one were all DL related stuff can be put.I am wondering when DL 41 was repainted.

Answer is righ ...

They just put up some pics on Facebook of Freightrail Dark blue 422's and 42220 super series.

Did they ever wear Freightcorp logo is real life?


Yep! Even the Candy ones got em! Pics ...

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