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Posted 22 Mar 2012 19:36 in New South Wales by 4477

Last Runs 1445hrs and 2245hrs Sat 24 March.Cheers 4477. 

It will change to G513 G514 G511 and C502 without the bankers....This should be until the second lot of CEYs come online.Bankers will be gone by end of March so get your picks of S317 s33 (48 ...

Other then the dept of defence tank cars and centurion carrier were there any other type of Defence rolling stock?I understand that during WW2 the Air Force had vans converted to carry gyros and oth ...

there is an 80 looking poor at Chullora Yards next to 7301

Posted 17 Jul 2011 22:09 in New South Wales by 4477

Surprised  Great pics thankyou....

How would he know that Dave??  Confused

Posted 08 Jul 2011 05:58 in New South Wales by 4477

Ill try to give you a very basic Idea mate Idea
I'm gunner get shot down for it.... but here goes this is very basic Confused
After 1924 most of the NSWGR Steam locos were numbered via a f ...

Posted 08 Mar 2011 23:56 in Sydney Suburban by 4477

I've noticed that most have been removed from the trailers and some from the rear of the motor cars.. Shocked
Whats the go with this move?

Posted 08 Mar 2011 23:27 in New South Wales by 4477

Gday all I'm after some photos of liverpool station in the 70s and 60s can anyone help me cheers ( : Arrow

Posted 27 Feb 2011 23:21 in Sydney Suburban by 4477

So sorry 574 correction you 'Need to take a chill pill'

Buy the way Great explanation rherkes.... Smile

Posted 27 Feb 2011 23:15 in Sydney Suburban by 4477

Dear Nerd 574

Your personal and offensive analysis of my written or oral discourse was far from acceptable. Mad
A real critique of any kind is never personalized nor ad hominem, but is instead  ...

Posted 26 Feb 2011 01:09 in Sydney Suburban by 4477

How much is a rusty red ratter worth these days with bogies?

There is a farmer out central west I know who wants to scrap one. Crying or Very sad
Its in bad shape but still has windows and seats maybe a 33 ...

Posted 26 Feb 2011 01:01 in Sydney Suburban by 4477

where is 8020?

Posted 26 Feb 2011 00:56 in Sydney Suburban by 4477

8021 8035 8036 still going  Very Happy

Has anyone done a course with these guys?

Is the safe working course worth the $1900 you pay for it?? Confused
and do they have national  qualifications Rolling Eyes

Posted 07 Jan 2011 10:50 in New South Wales by 4477

This thread may have already been covered..

I would like to know why there are no 34 or 58 class example's left......?

Posted 07 Jan 2011 10:44 in New South Wales by 4477

Ill take 4801 for my backyard if nobody wants It. Surprised

Posted 03 Jan 2011 04:37 in New South Wales by 4477

Pls and 48s are going very soon! from what Ive been told they are not cost affective as they keep braking down'

Track has been up graded for Els... this is the word from a driver mate of mine.... ...

Posted 01 Jan 2011 21:55 in New South Wales by 4477

Thank's for the information men, It would be great to share a chat over a beer one day, rather then the normal binary fashion, thanks Greg!

Posted 21 Dec 2010 10:59 in New South Wales by 4477

Fella's Any change in these loco's?

Has rail corp retro fitted them yet or are they looking at being scrapped? Confused
Also are PAC/Nac scapping more 48s, if so I would like to get photos cheer's G!

Posted 21 Dec 2010 09:58 in New South Wales by 4477

Idea Sir M636C "you are a walking library" Idea
I feel humbled in your presence Shocked
A question great one'  Wink  why did the NS ...

Posted 10 Dec 2010 12:54 in New South Wales by 4477

Why did 50s and 53s last longer then the 55s  Question
As far as I can tell the last 55s 5597 and 5595 were both gone by 1969.

But the older 50s and 53s lasted until 1972 Exclamation

Posted 25 Nov 2010 01:46 in Preservation and Tourist Railways by 4477

Anybody got an idea  Idea  on how the fundings going for 6029 Question

Posted 16 Nov 2010 02:29 in Australian Rail Employment by 4477

Rail corp jobs, are there any going at the moment??

Cause I cannot find any online.

Posted 16 Nov 2010 02:22 in New South Wales by 4477

be nice to see here running...I have some great pics of her at branxton

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