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Got it but not quite Smile. Thanks John. Nothing here, so open floor.

Rydalmere (Daly + Eyre + m?)

That's it, Johnlush.

All clear for you.

Thanks, Spletsie. Sorry for the delay - been incommunicado for a while!

Matthew short, mixed and leaving.


(Sabbath = Sunday (for some)

Trade d for y = Sundad

Chaotic = Dundas)

Sorry for the delay - I've had to rush interstate for family reasons, and no time for fun.Sad

Open floor.

Leumeah (Mixed up MULE + East African Herbarium)?

Thanks, JL, but the cupboard is bare. Open floor!

Padstow (in Cornwall? It has a ferry to Rock.)Wink

A different kind of rock(ing) - Wave(r)ton?

Petersham (petros = rock (easy for a geologist;-)), Petersham = a 'village' in England)?

A famous butterfly is the Monarch; a king is a monarch, so how about -


That's the one, DarcyJ. The shunter is waving you on.

Thamks, DarcyJ.

If dewy aroma confuses you, think again.

Another WSITD! Confused Exeter? (Ex = former spouse + family tree rearranged = eter)

Smile'Tis true, DarcyJ. Eastwood is the answer. You have the road.

Thanks, DarcyJ

A place to do as we mixed?

Woy Woy? (W = 23rd letter of the alphabet + 'oy', a shout I was fond of in my youth, echoed = twice.)

Kurmudgeon, you've done it again! Off you  go!

Thanks, Kurmudgeon.

Where does a porcine female collide with a method of transport?


(Cow, lost 'w' because of speed, + motion, lost 'tion' for the same reason, or

'Co' for company/business and 'mo' for moustache?)

That was quick, Kurmudgeon!Smile You have the road.

Thanks DarcyJ.

South Australian financial institution mixed with one.

Pick + ton = Picton?

Picked on? (Picton)

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