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Yes they do,

I model both WA SG HO and WA NG HOn3.5, so you pretty much have to scratch build most things (with the exception of a few SG wagons and a L class in RTR).

All my HOn3.5 models are eithe ...

I found one phone number   (08) 9528 2219   but haven't tried it - but the web page is no longer viable.
Shop closed around 18 months ago. The brothers decided they had enough of tra ...

Posted 27 Jan 2016 09:50 in Western Australia by ALCO4401

Q4007 now in Aurizon Livery

Q4003 entered in the paint booth


Q4003 is waiting on a new heart. It will go back into traffic in it's current scheme.

Q4011 is the next GO loco, si ...

[quote=Poath Junction][img][/img]

May not be a prototypical livery but sure does look spiffy. Then again perhaps ...

Posted 06 Dec 2015 00:18 in Western Australia by ALCO4401

[quote=BigTrain2015][quote]I don't think it's a real 6PM9, rather a break down train to assist with clean up. AFAIK line is still closed and trains are unable to get past yet.[/quote]

Anyone have pho ...

Posted 04 Dec 2015 22:12 in Western Australia by ALCO4401

[quote=bevans]Anyone have the loco details.

[url=/news/s/pm9-derails-at-naretha]PM9 derails at Naretha[/quote]SCT012 & SCT008.

[quote=lkernan]And for what it's worth, they seem to be as rare as hens teeth at the moment.

I went to 3 shops today and all were sold out of 21 pin models. Ended up getting a TCS one on ebay to b ...

Not to mention a couple of big errors on the "[color=#141823][size=2][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]original Westrail orange version L256 as it ran in WA" photos on their FB page.[/font][/size][/c ...

[quote=Poath Junction]the hole for the bearing wont be a problem, it's the same hole the axles already sit in. You're just going to make the hole a bit wider to fit the type of bearing you choose. Som ...

I looked the L today, very impressive. A few details to fix but runs very nicely. He does have some other plans but not willing to share with anyone just yet.



I purchased the Loksound programmer 3 years ago, to do my own sound files. Once you get your head around the way the files are setup, it's a easy as to up load the sound project.

I also save t ...

Posted 05 Jan 2015 12:49 in Western Australia by ALCO4401

[quote="wagrttn"]Somebody has to be the one to ask the dumb question so it may as well be me. Why were the standard gauge locos towed east by rail out to Avon Yard so they could then be trucked back w ...

Posted 05 Jan 2015 12:37 in Western Australia by ALCO4401

[quote="M636C"]My suspicion (only) is that although the South Africans offered the L class for sale, they haven't actually bought them, and having had no interest from their customers, they passed on ...

With regards to the couplings not lining up, they don't in the real world guys!!!!! I am looking at an LDP and 6000 class parked out the front of my office as I type this and there is a good 4" differ ...

Posted 25 Dec 2014 01:51 in Australian Rail Employment by ALCO4401

The jobs will come, currently we have sent 20 drivers out of Perth to Gladstone for six months on expenses, so expect twenty positions to open up their soon, once our guys finish their stints, within  ...

Posted 25 Dec 2014 01:40 in Western Australia by ALCO4401

[quote=Wallip]Searching for other information, I came across this from Apex



Great layout, but I would not be running my trains on the large radius curve until there was some better support for the track. I assume this is planned.

Already addressed A ...

Shot another quick video last night, doing a full lap around the layout. Early ARG freighter with CLP1 on the point. (I can hear the NSW purist's spraying their coffee). Running along Wallenbeen round ...

Great vid ALCO4401, can I ask what radius curves you are running?

Running 38 inch outside and 36 inch inside.


A quick video of the first train on my new Thirroul layout

[url defaultattr=http://"_6MkUyVYP_s"]http://

Posted 25 Nov 2014 20:00 in Western Australia by ALCO4401

[quote=Bethungra][img] ...

Posted 25 Nov 2014 13:37 in Western Australia by ALCO4401


Departed Saturday 15/11, attached to 7PM1, 5 x CHEY's & 21 x CHCH's. Currently 32 CHCH & 2 CHEY, sitting in 3 short @ Forrestfield, waiting room on the next PM1 service to head back east. Th ...

Mucking around with my QR / ARG train on Thirroul.


Posted 08 Nov 2014 12:40 in Western Australia by ALCO4401

[quote=Wallip]Out of interest, has someone got a complete list of what is currently in storage at Forrestfield.

I noticed last week there is still 1 DFZ at Geraldton. Is this the only one still out o ...

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