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It's not a free for all

GMR accreditation allows for these activities

GMR standards allow for these activities

GMR is insured for public liability and volunteer workers cover.

You must be a financ ...

[url=]NSWGR Trikes

Still waiting. Have to dig out his phone number.


Southern Rail Models 3 car Explorer - XPL6

Brand new, never removed from box.

$500 + Signed for Postage

[quote=TheFish]Ixion are not to blame here. They have done their best to do an honorable thing that they did not have to do. They chose to try and salvage the project. The fault for them not being ...

The layout on the east end of the Main layout was the original Rail Museum layout built by Steve Kylie, Stan Sharpe and John Pulley. The (main) Easter show layout was restored later by Doug Stewart in ...

Without RTR and plonkers, there would be no hobby to the masses or model rail industry at all. And the one that do model are grilled because it isn't perfect.

Pity everything gets broken down to  ...

Rail Trails have merit, they can be and are successful. Some not so.

I don't think NSW is anti rail trail. Sure there are vocal opponents but that's all it is, vocal. NSW is indifferent, they simpl ...

[color=#141823][size=2][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Auscision 4516, Candy with dark grey roof.[/font][/size][/color]

[color=#141823][size=2][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Brand spanking new ...

Yeah, it is just the Rural side that is being auctioned off. The Rail and War is being retained...for now Wink

I know who the 3rd party is, it is NOT the factory, factory's contractor, etc...



In that case, does knowing that information change anything?

Ixion stated it is not them, there is a 3rd party.

The current owner of the tooling is NOT the factory.



In Ixions initial PR, point 3 mentions they were in ne ...

[quote=FirstStopCentral]"I would have thought it is plainly obvious that this mystery 3rd party that Ixion "Acquired" the tooling and rights to produce the 30T from is the factory that model was to be ...

Believe it, don't believe the end it's not going to change a thing.

[quote=FirstStopCentral]"The entity that acquired the tooling from Shrike would have had to pay for it."

Really, who said that? If you're the new owner of a stray dog, doesn't mean you paid for it! ...


Do you ALBERT realise that if Shrike forward the prepaid customers money to Ixion models then they would not be taking a $63k loss in revenue .

Also it would be easier for the ...


So you didn't get your own way John and are leaving .

Don't forget your bat and ball .

You might realise that shrike models owes $ 63,000 to its 30T customers and these custo ...

Here is a plausible, simpler and far less sinister scenario...  Shrike made poor decisions including under-pricing the 30T and ran out of money before production. Instead of telling customers to go su ...

[quote=Aaron]Can Ixion please save us the trouble of having to source these audited books we keep getting told about (as if it makes much difference) and just tell us who they paid for the tooling?[/q ...

Pretty much how I thought it had/would happen. Ixion are taking a hit for it.

The simple reality is now, if you have ordered a 30T, you pay the increase to Ixion or seek a full refund from Shrike.  ...

No matter how you slice it, Ixion have taken a hit for this. Even if the tooling was transferred for a token amount, the production costs will be all on Ixion with no money from pre-orders. Hence the  ...

Should give SDS a big jump on the tooling for the NSW 81 class.

Posted 14 Oct 2015 22:31 in Preservation and Tourist Railways by Albert

Small, isolated line operators in NSW such as GMR, GCHR, Tumba Rail..etc. do not pay the annual fee. I can't remember if it's waived or the state government picks up the tab. And I think it's only app ...

As you have drawn your track plan, there is no need for the reversing switch for section B3 as it is not a true reversing loop.

All you do is swap polarity to the rails. For example, The outer rail ...

Posted 30 Sep 2015 19:56 in New South Wales by Albert

The Taralga site has since been put on ice. Australian Bauxite decided to put their efforts into a site in QLD.

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