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Posted 07 Aug 2022 07:17 in Western Australia by BDA

Smart move staying with the FDL , It makes for a quick easy AC rebuild as most of the rest is bolt plug .

Even the cab bit is reasonably easy and keeps with current safety standards .

It will be int ...

That gets said a lot but I don't always agree .

You have to take into account how much faster you can go on less steeply graded alignments and calculate the point to point times .

The original idea  ...

Totoro what essential industry do you work in .

Posted 30 Jun 2022 18:04 in New South Wales by BDA

I didn't mind T Sets but when you worked Illawarra there wasn't a lot of choice .

Like everyone going on the sparks you start at Central qualified all metropolitan roads , and in my era from S throug ...

The why I don't know.

For whatever reason they set it up for parallel running . Maybe the intention was for people to be able to easily change from express to all stations trains (at major stations)  ...

No you are wrong , go and have a look at the reference diagrams on Railsafe and note the speed boards .

I've worked Vsets to Lithgow and virtually always ran on the suburbans or "inners" - if you lik ...

For those curious about the Evolution V12 / 7FDL16 difference some may find this old RP thread interesting .

Some more info on the ES44AC's intercoo ...

No you cannot reach all the switches in the seat . This is part of the reason GT46 ACes built here are such a PITA and an ergonomic nowhere .

I assume that they are less used to wheelslip than we are .

My experience with USDM units was sort of like nobody taught these things how to slip , in the dry anyway .

Back here in the east there is ...

Update .

More recently I got to run CF44s and QLs and if anything they seem to be a better all rounder than 93s , though admittedly its been some years since I've had a 93 .

I'd have thought the Fle ...

With software alterations they can do anything engine management wise .

I'm not 100% certain but I thought urea is about NOx emissions more so than C02 .

Many people never quite got the "de-rate" thing with them , not really the correct term .

The consist monitor software was designed to allow you to "load limit" them to 1 or 6 or 7 or 8 throttle notc ...

Peter I think you sell the NRs short .

Earlier traction motor issues were actually pinion issues , not motors melting .

Aside from this I always though their adhesion issues were cause by their ha ...

I'd be thinking more likely the 80s 81s 82s DLs ANs 90s , pretty much anything pre NR first .

If the eco Nazis start acting up these would be the greatest liability .

Also consumption wise the ol ...

It would make sense to use as much of the C44ACi tooling and jigs as possible to reduce costs .

Building one around the Evo 12 and its associated cooling systems should not be that hard .

A little ...

Interesting times .

Eventually coal will get sick of those 90 Cl or basically lower narrower SD60/GT46 things .

Can easily part them out as spare engines for ANs and power glide alternators and tr ...

Posted 15 Sep 2021 22:51 in Western Australia by BDA

I remember seeing one of Roy Hills Evos on the GNH bridge over the line into Anderson Point . Looked majestic being trailered over that area .

There are a few conflicting factors concerning train lengths imo but the thing is now days that private operators can't ignore train economics - costs .

In a bean counters perfect world freight tra ...

Posted 23 Aug 2021 14:42 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by BDA

Diesels specific gravity is close to 75% of water so 800 kilos would get you about 1000L .

A real ACe from memory has about 18000L fuel tank capacity .

Posted 22 Aug 2021 22:32 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by BDA

Absolutely , great idea .

A significant number of hours .

This Fassi Hexham link will improve transit times , if done properly , no question about that .

Getting freighters off the current route through "Newcastle" is very ...

There were discussions about this bypass some time ago in I think an Inland Rail thread .

In an ideal world this bypass would continue up to Dungog . That way all traffic on the Brisbane Sydney corri ...

This should have been completed a long time ago . It is most unreasonable to have to run to Hexham via Broadmeadow when a more direct route could have and should have been constructed .

Obviously th ...

Back in the day you were hauling 3100T up the 1:40s with 3 81s or 4 86s . In the dry you could do it today with 2 93s/TTs .

86s with motor alternators and cams for switching are basically K set techn ...

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