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Posted 02 Dec 2021 11:36 in Other Transport by DCook

[quote=8502]I did read about this earlier in the year including how the leak was found. The Russians as just as entitled to be on the station as the Europeans and the Americans. Was China ever invited ...

Posted 02 Dec 2021 10:30 in Other Transport by DCook

All jokes aside, this is an incredibly strange situation. Fragments of sealant were found around the edges of the hole, the general opinion of most people involved (including the cosmonauts onboard at ...

Posted 05 Oct 2021 17:57 in The Lounge by DCook

I must say, the reaction by many towards Gladys's resignation has been rather strange, considering that she resigned in the wake of a corruption scandal.

Strange situations aside, the popularity of t ...

Posted 02 Oct 2021 11:12 in The Lounge by DCook

With Gladys gone as the result of a corruption scandal, I do not believe that the NSW Liberals will win the next state election. Say what you want about either Stokes or Perrottet, but both are missin ...

Posted 01 Oct 2021 18:28 in The Lounge by DCook

[quote=don_dunstan][quote]Apparently Scomo was commenting in his presser praising Berejiklian's integrity.

If she had integrity she wouldn't be getting investigated by ICAC![/quote]There's been a f ...

The biggest obstacle that I see in the future for railway preservation as a whole is people.

The prime demographic of people who work with preservation societies is older people, a large percentage o ...

Unless consists have changed since 11/2/20, the pair of DTM 8036 and an unrecorded DTD driving trailer is in service on V21 along with a somewhat similar pairing of a DCT and DCM. I don't have the num ...

[quote=Griffinrails Official]Found an old webpage (as in REALLY old, before the M sets had even entered service) which had quite a lot of photos and information.

Apparently the 2 car V set was a DT s ...

[quote=Griffinrails Official]That's good to hear, the less NIFs the better IMHO.

I once heard a rumor on a CPH railmotor trip at the last heritage expo that some V sets would be sold to Indian Railwa ...

Posted 10 May 2021 16:39 in New South Wales by DCook

I went to Thirlmere in January 2020 and asked one of the staff about the future of 3830.

He explained that the MAAS were not in a financially viable position (presumably related to the planned move)  ...

A TOC waiver (TW: 203-1031) was released several days ago regarding the preservation of S set carriages.

It appears that SETS have indeed received a 4 car set, that being C3057, C3861, T4983 and T4 ...

Some great news from THNSW today.

[quote=THNSW]Volunteers of Historic Electric Traction group are celebrating after heritage suburban set W3 departed Redfern carriage sheds for the first time in 15 y ...

[quote=WimbledonW][quote]Kangy Angy is the maintenance centre for the new D sets. It can handle 10 car length trains. .[/quote]If some 10-car trains are to run, will some platforms be extended to sui ...

I thought it all burnt down.
The Workshop was badly damaged, sleepers and signals were destroyed and several carriages were destroyed in the 2013 fires.

Many hundreds of sle ...

According to the SETS facebook page, all C sets will be retired by the 28th of February.

Posted 08 Feb 2021 18:55 in New South Wales by DCook

Such a shame that a once great site has come to this unfortunate end.

Hopefully this isn't the end, but with every passing day I start to doubt that.

If there was a movement like that, I assume a TOC waiver would be issued. None have been.

Posted 26 Jan 2021 07:53 in Railpage Australia™ by DCook

Noticing a bug where the green outline on a forum (when there is a new post) is not showing. This requires the user to go off dates and times, rather than the outline.

Moving back to the actual topic of the thread, it is great that they are creating a budget streamlined 38 class, for those with less money and the new generation of modelers like myself. I hope that m ...

I think it is almost certain that the only trains the line will see in the future will be LVR shuttles along certain sections. Reopening the whole line will never happen, let alone for commercial use.

And we finally have an answer, for what I thought would be a simple one.

Over to you bov.

Down past

The clue is for the station next to the one I am meaning

Valvegear got the first word correct (for the station described by the clue)

None of these are correct

Remember- Elevation, what is el ...

Not eastwood.

Remember, Down past the 90 degree elevation

None of these are correct

Hint- Compass

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