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thanks for the replies.


I'm after any information on whereabouts or photos of TDGs RMTYs (enclosed car carrying bogie wagon)???

Any assistance would be appreciated...


anyone want to part with a working Powerline Victorian Railways T395 (1st run) for a project???

Will consider any offers for sale with post & handling.


Hi Sandown;

got info from another source (paint guide) and also photos that show blue footplates and black valance/ frame. Others have black valance only with steps in blue.

I cant answer for painte ...


frame or valance to me is the same general area. I used the term in general to cover the area l was questioning across all hood units.

A photo was shown of T405 and that poster got the "general  ...


Mods by NORTHWEST MODELS, which include black valances and inner steps, cab side window grills, twin stacks (T ...


thanks Gents for the responses. Further investigation required.


Hi Gents;

thanks for the replies.

it is a confusing issue, as I have photos of all different series Ts and they have black valances and inside steps but must be after repaint or under body work.



Can anyone confirm the side valance colour of the Hood type VR diesels???

I've checked my Train Hobby VR books and depending on year and type of photos it's hard to get an accurate picture/ ti ...


not wrong about sales. I answered my own question.

At the same time I now have to submit an order for myself

Hi All;

l found my link to the question asked.


TEs did run in Victoria along with other codes for tank ...

Hi Mark;

thanks for reply. None for me then.

Have to find other types to haul my APCs, Tillys and Leopards.


did these ever run into Victoria???

Hi BladeHunter;

thanks for your response.

I can tell you I did read the description for RT and was happy to be the highest bidder, at one stage.

As in my initial post I'm happy to pay around the c ...

Hi BladeHunter;

so if I buy a SEM RT kit and supply you with it. You will build and paint if for me at what cost????

I know some great model builders that will build SEM steam engine kits that ask ...


I appreciate the other photo and have settled on the 1st model.

Front cab windows to have black gromets, detail the pilots and add BL horns which will be silver. Number boards have been blacked ...

Hi All;

thanks for the replies and the picture. Much appreciated



does anyone have photos of the Powerlines BL Class in GM Demonstrator scheme???

Or alternatively, can identify what codes/numbers were used in the number boxes???

Thanks in advanced...

R ...

Hi All;

attended the Expo and must say I enjoyed it. Although small there was enough to keep you entertained.

Well done to the organisers....................

Hi All;after a working model of an Austrains Victorian Railways C501, early edition with staff exchangers.  DCC all the better but will buy DC.Happy to accept offers with P&H, via this forum or PM ...

Hi All; anyone interested in PH Power Vans, Northwest Models has versions in most colours and I have seen production of current PH454 as well.

Northwest Models can be contacted at the following e-ma ...

Posted 24 Dec 2012 08:01 in The Lounge by FlatTopT413

Hi All;sorry to add, I'm interested in a blog as well.I did activate a blog but had no success with a  address.............

Hi All;thanks for the replies.Got a couple of avenues to follow, with thanks.........

Hi Dave;thanks for the reply. Any details on wagons used and SG or BG????Regards

Hi EFB5800;thanks for the reply. Some good info from the other side of the border. I did happen to catch and photograph APCs on a freighter stuck at Culcairn in the mid 90s.I have also got a book some ...

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